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  1. What would Mummy say?

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    niftyb wrote:

    Jamba wrote:

    My Dad is secretly quite open I think but would never let anyone know. My Mum on the other hand would almost talk to anyone about anything which is worrying sometimes! Both have been very relaxed about me asking them anything but it would never come up in conversation.

    To give you an idea about Mum:

    First night niftyb and I were together, she had been staying over as a friend and staying in the spare room. Obviously I walk out of the spare room in the morning and my Mum turns to start talking to niftyb only to find me staring her in the face. A beautiful moment of realisation swept across her face and she literally burst out laughing and hurried off... buzzkill.

    secretly quite open..... whuuuu??

    "psst! hey! don't tell anyone... but here're all my hopes and fears...*whisper,whisper*"

    Maybe he meant into gaping?

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    My parents know me and the better half get up to stuff as we are engaged and

    you can still see the tyre marks on the road where i set-off at great speed with my partner to get the morning after pill when the condom broke

    Seen the Ann Summers and La Senza bags when I have bought things for my other half (she is too shy to buy some of the things she likes)

    After moving some boxes to help me out while i was at work one of them falling and a good 140 ribbed, flavoured and sensitive condoms spilled allover the floor

    Bought a bigger bed for me and my other half to share

    As it stands i know i can go and talk to my parents about stuff when it is needed but i dont really need to

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    I rember my mum trying to tell me about safe sex when i started my periods i cut her off and told her everything i know and she left me alone after that.

    my mum did have a quite word with me once to let me know she could here me and my husband then boyfriend down stairs my bedroom was above her living room a few weeks atfter this my dad laid a type of flooring on top of the floor boards of my room to keep the draft out well thats what he said somehow i didnt belive him!

    if my dad ever caught me with a love bite he used to give me an apple for the hungry fella or offer me some garlic!

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    WandA wrote:

    Phantasma wrote:

    I have no idea what my parents would say - both Christians, and ones ordained so the biblical views obviously hold some sway there. I'm pretty sure theyd be happy to talk if I had questions but the sigh of relief I know theyd breathe afterwards means i wouldnt go out of my way to have the chat.

    Probably wouldnt think too highly of the BDSM either....

    But Jesus likes BDSM, it's in the bible!

    And here:

    *Warning, may be offensive to some but it is posted in the name of humour*


    How on earth do you find this kind of thing???????

    I seem to have inadvertantly started another debate...

    Rowan; I wasnt trying to make the point that MY parents would not be too keen on the discussion. I would suggest that they live in a similar way to that which you have described yourself as living. But in their case some of the bible recommendations do hold - chastity until (very near) marriage for example. I could be doing them a huge disservice here but thats by the by.

    What I wasnt trying to suggest was a link between Christians and not talking about sex. So apologies if I conveyed that impression.

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