1. The A spot?!

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    I have just spent the most fantastic weekend with my partner. We decided to have a play with my glass G spot wand and he loved using it on me and so did I . Then during play something happened that I have never experienced in my life before and it has blown my mind!

    I have great combined orgasms but my partner hit a spot with my wand I didnt know excisted and wow it was mind boggling. It was beyond any orgasm that I have ever had and it just didnt stop whilst ever the wand was touching it, he just held it there and didnt need to move it or anything, I had to beg him to take it out before I passed out as it was so intense! And this happened several times once he knew where it was. I cant even describe the level of pleasure as it was off the scale.

    I had a look online to find out what it was and it would appear that its my A spot that he found but all the info I read said it was high up at the front inside the vaginal wall (above the g spot) , this wasnt -it was at the back up behind my cervix.

    I just wonder if anyone else has had this expreriance and is that what it is?

    I dont suppose it really matters because it was beyond amazing but I am curious

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    around where your cervix is, is a part of the vagina known as the cul-de-sac it's on the back wall side of the vagina it's supposed to be really sensitive and missionary with hips elevated is apparently the best position to reach it, i've not had any experience reaching or stimulating it though

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    Have you found your P spot too ? There is plently of spots in the vagina wall that you can hit enjoy its amazing

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    I dont know KF! But at 40 and to not know that particular spot existed has really taken me by surprise!

    Like I said the sensation is beyond anything I can describe....I think among my noises etc I shouted "what the f**k is that???" and I could hardly breath!

    This is something we shall be exploring further next time my partner and I are together and I am really looking forward to it!

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    Lol sounds like you had fun! I've experienced that sensation before but it was far to intense for me

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