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  1. Am I too dry? What can I do about it? :(

    Bashful [sign in to see picture]
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    Hey guys,

    Wondering if you could help. I am wondering if my vagina is too dry during sexual acts- especially finering. I don't seem to ever be wet enough without help (such as being licked first).

    I am 23 and have always found this apart from on one or two occasions but I am not sure why.

    What is a normal amount of wetness? Is there something I can do to increase it naturally?

    It's probably silly but I would feel a bit embarrassed needing to use lube before someone can finger me. How do men feel about it? Do they expect the woman to be wet enough generally speaking? In my mind, I would equate being wet to a man being erect.

    Thanks in advance

    Labyrinth [sign in to see picture]
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    Everyone is different and there is no shame in using a little lube =)

    It can be down to a number of factors such as medications. It is a common side effect of the pill for example.

    Try and drink more fluids =)

    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    Everyone is different and there can be many reasons for dryness including not being turned on enough and dehydration.
    I ALWAYS use lube regardless of what we're doing and how wet either of us are, if you aren't wet enough it can cause chafing bruising and even tears.

    For your safety and comfort use lube!

    Oh and erect and wet are completely different. Completely.

    Bashful [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for the replies guys. How would I introduce it during these moments though? I feel odd at the thought of 'oh wait, let me lube up first!' :D

    FrozenAngel [sign in to see picture]
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    I really wouldn't worry about it, everyone is different. Some people get 'wetter' than others, and some people need a little help to be able to get wet.

    Personally I'd use lube to help in that area, since it wouldn't be very comfortable for you either, and there's nothing wrong with using a little lube to help get you started.

    It may be an obvious question, but are you getting enough foreplay you turn you on enough? Some people just go straight in for the kill so to speak without taking the time to prepare.

    Goodluck! x

    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    Just keep it somewhere convenient and grab it whilst kissing or whatever. We use liquid silk and it lives with the moisturisers and stuff cos that's what it looks like!

    PurringTiger [sign in to see picture]
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    Everyone is different and different people need different stimulation for our bodies to produce the natural lubrication. Some people are wet just by thinking about sex, others need more help.

    As has been said, make sure you drink plenty of fluids too as your body can only release fludis if it has plenty to start with. Are you on any medications? If so ask your doctor if they could be causing it.

    Also without going trying to sound like I'm prying too much, you mention you are fine after some help with a tongue - do you mean after oral sex or from the saliva? It could it be that you need more clitoral stimulation before looking at penetration which is pretty normal.

    charliebabs [sign in to see picture]
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    i have a similar problem, i find that when i am by myself or when i am not with the right person i can be very dry and that makes it painful to play. For me i just find that i am not turned on by certain things...

    but lube is nothing to be ashamed, i use it all of the time and sometimes it can really improve sex, i love my mint tingle!

    if you want to be more subtle just start by playing with yourself using it, doesnt have to be a big deal!

    Good luck

    myghost [sign in to see picture]
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    if you take birth control that can case dryness so can lack of hydration other medication might do too as does a lack of arousal
    there's no shame in using lube i use it all the time if i'm engaging in play ranging from cheap durex to lubes i've had as testers i can't always be bothered to warm up properly the lube is a great help just make sure it's somewhere you can grab it and it will come out of the bottle. i've had lube so thick it was virtually jelly could only be scooped out the bottle

    Poppicat [sign in to see picture]
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    Due to a medical condition I need lots of lube otherwise I tare down there. This has only happened in the past year, and with both partners I have had in the past year I have obviously used condoms so when he is putting the condom on I put some lube on. I do it in full view of my OH and have a wee play at the sametime as a wee bit of a tease. If it is a long session I some times have to put more on as it can get painful, I just keep the lube on the bedside table so it is in reaching distnace.

    blonde vixen13 [sign in to see picture]
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    We always use lube, it's just part of our play.
    Maybe grab it and lube him up during a hand job when your playing and then rub some on yourself during your first time introducing it. Or try buying some of the tingle sensation lubes.... Or warming lubes.... Then ask your partner if he would like to try something new. That way your not saying you need lube because your not turned on.... But that you want to experiment.
    There is no shame in needing a little extra help. I found I was always drier when on the pill which is why we started using lubricant, and it's now just normal practice.
    Have fun

    Stephanie [sign in to see picture]
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    Everyone's given you some great advice here, there's not much to add! I just wanted to share one of my favourite statistics:

    Did you know: 70% of women find sexual experiences more satisfying with lube!

    There are lots of different types of lube to choose from, check out our Buyers Guide to help you pick the perfect lube for you :)

    WeeBlueDragon [sign in to see picture]
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    Agree with others - incorporate it into your foreplay. Good luck.

    Dali256 [sign in to see picture]
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    There is no "normal", everyone is differnt. The most important thing is you both feeling comfortable so you can enjoy everything as much as possible. If lube helps then use it.

    If you ever meet a guy that isnt happy about you using a little lube then kick him out immediately!

    Delboy1991 [sign in to see picture]
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    Everyone is different, but maybe try some jiggle balls before hand? They work for me brilliant and always get me in the mood. Naturally they get your more aroused making you wet & ready. I have the basic love honey ones and they are fine. Good luck xx

    Mr-Mrs-Sexy [sign in to see picture]
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    I find a bit of lube a bit sexy if im honest so dont worry about that, apply away :D also like others have said everyone is different and some girls can be fairly dry to really soaking it depends on you!! but if you find it uncomfortable then pop a bit of lube in and your be right as rain :) drinking lots of water is always a good idea too a lot of people underestemate the goodness of water

    xabix [sign in to see picture]
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    I ALWAYS use lube. If my OH goes straight in to finger me I'm always a bit too dry, which is then umcomfortable for me which in turn makes it harder to get turned on and get wet! I find if there's lots of other foreplay first likelots of kissing/clothed touching/other bits licked and touched first them I'll get wet naturally. I know how frustrating it can be though when you just want a quick frantic sesion and you want it NOW.

    Just keep it by the bed and grab it when you need it, it makes everything feel so much better and there's no shame in using it!

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