1. have you ever had sex with another person seeing?

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    I did all the time when I was young and had'nt got my own place. If you have sex in a public place, a member of the public will probably see you. All part of the rush I suppose. I've also watched while being part of a threesome. I think think the most memorable was while on a potholing weekend with my girlfriend and another couple. We were sharing a tent and my girlfriend and me got busy, trying to be sneaky and quiet when I heard the other bloke say "Go on, get stuck in" They watched us for a bit and then started having a shag themselves. It was a real turn on. A lot better than bloody potholing.

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    Well I Love to be watched be a turn on for me .. I Love it :)) always wanted to try that now

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    nope always wanted too though x

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    Only once that I'm aware of. I was with a gf in a car park one night and became aware of a peeping tom peering through the windscreen. I gave him a V sign and he disappeared eventually.

    Can't say it was much of a turn on, but that was 25 years ago and I kinda find the idea more appealing now, my OH wouldn't though!

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    When my OH and I first got together we did a lot of "hidden" public. Once on a train handjob there was a guy who kept looking and I had to sort of slow down/pause, then continue every time. Also one night after clubbing we were in a dark park and there was a man who was watching us at it, my OH got really nervous so dragged me further away where we continued. I must say the idea of it is a big turn on, but the fact that there was this big looming shadow who could be anyone was a bit scarey. Felt safer when we could see the person.

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