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  1. DP

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    from the male view, i much prefer her on top. Its a perfect view having both holes wanting to be eaten and played with, plus i thint the blowjob is better aswell!!

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    Don't forget the humble thumb... pretty amazing in doggy style feeling yourself inside her through the thin walls...


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    Me and my partner do this every now and then

    (with my partner in one hole and a toy in the other) it's very enjoyable 😉

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    Lilprincess wrote:

    We've done that too Mr_hammer69 except I had a plug in my butt and a vibrator in my vagina, for couples play it's one of the best experiences I've had so far! :)

    Well I ordered this lot this morning:-






    I can't wait to try it all and hopefully the dido will be more comfortable than the other toys we've tried before :) xx

    Those two plugs are ace... :) enjoy x
    Lilprincess [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks again for the advice LSB your reviews for them were really helpful and enticed me in to buying them! :) xx

    My order should arrive tomorrow and I can't wait, I've been fantasizing about my OH tying me up and using the toys on me before we try dp again. I'll let you all know how it goes ;) xx

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    Oh wow, thank you xx

    That means alot xx

    And yes do, I can't wait to see what u think :) x
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    We've tried the spit roast with a dildo while she sucked me, she loved it came before I had a chance to.

    She's not into anal and although I've tried it before I'm notthat fussed about it either.

    Love the idea of doing that in the 69, another one on the bucket list.

    Would love to have a mmf as well, but there's probably more chance of winning the lottery - ticket anyone?

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    Very intrigued by the likes of this fella:-


    My gf is luckily quite open-minded (although, like myself, not a perponent of threesomes), yet sadly geographically distant, but I hope it's something we might try after we've had a bit of experience together.

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