1. Some advice please

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    PurringTiger wrote:

    As has already been said above I can only echo that decent grade silicone, glass and steel would be the answer.

    Fluffbags makes a great point that certain materials will make anyone itchy/ sore but some of us do have sensitive skin/allergies - mines medical for example I have suffered with eczema,dermatitis and psoriasis so I have to be careful about what type of loo paper I use never mind which lube. (And for inquisitive minds - andrex aloe vera is great for soothing irritable skin down there). Personally Liquid Silk irritates me, Sliquids is brilliant as is Lelo's own lube. Therefore it makes sense that certain materials will also have an effect.

    The only thing with glass and steel is ofc they are hard materials so I think medical grade silicone will be the answer for you at this point. Though I would say to try glass anyway as it is a completely different sensation altogether and with being able to heat it up or cool it down, you get much more variance from it. Plus with lovehoneys great returns policy you've got nothing to lose.

    Weirdly I seem to be quite reactive to aloe vera! (Fecking typical...one thing that is supposed to sooth actually stings my skin) I have stopped purchasing any face creams and lubes with aloe in as it always irritates me. I am strangely proud of the fact that I seem to be mildly allergic to a plant renowned for soothing and calming the skin lol

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    I'm also get a nasty reaction to aloe Vera. That's weird.

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    Haha that is kinda ironic indeed!

    To be fair though everyone's skin is different, I use Diprobase to moisturise and keep my skin from flaring up but others find it makes it worse and prefer E45 for example. If I use E45 I have a flare up and scratch like hell.
    I can only use Bold and Comfort Pure laundry detergents but others can only use Fairy etc.
    So I guess it's just finding what works for you. I know Andrex do a toilet roll with Shea butter, maybe that might one to try for yourself?

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