1. Cubing!

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    LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

    evey wrote:

    Oh come on, it's all about Captain Janeway! :p

    Her hair frightened and confused me. Captain Picard, however, would get it. Hard. Twice.

    I like that this has turned into a Star Trek characters appreciation thread!

    Can I just say this is my favourite comment on LH!!!

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    jav_ski wrote:

    Firecracker wrote:

    jav_ski wrote:

    Firecracker wrote:

    jav_ski wrote:

    Firecracker wrote:

    jav_ski wrote:

    ok don't ask how i know but cubing is...

    the term to describe the process of going through myriad positions while remaining conjoined at the genitals the whole time.

    Thanks jav_ski, I am glad I know at last x

    no problemo if you wanna have a practical lesson i'm free on most tuesdays thursdays and sundays lol

    If your knowledge of positions is as varied as mine it may take us from Tuesday to Sunday x


    its funny though how if ya turn the karma sutra upside down lol

    you learn something every day on here lol...:)

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    If you worked in an office and got up to some cubing in your cubicle, would it be called hypercubing?

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