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  1. Turned on and off at thought off same sex fun- some advice please.

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    First off i used to consider myself 100% straight and only into females sexually and non-sexually.

    Basically what happens is i get in the mood/horny and occasionally i will go onto adult sites (photo sharing and such)that include chat/chatroom functions where by i'll get talking to the odd girl but mainly guys in which the topic will go from the introductory to what they might want to do to me sexually and what i might do to them and i instantly get turned on by this as i masturbate.

    Once i am finished though i will then feel a little turned off by the though of having fun with another guy and try not to think of it untill the next time i am horny/in the mood where by i'll get turned on again and the cycle just repeats.

    I know there is nothing wrong with being turned on by the same sex but i don't know why i suddenly go from being turned on by the though of having fun with another guy to then not being turned on.

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    I think this is a male thing anyway, having fantasies while horny, but losing the urge to act on them or think about them after orgasm. Same with guys who ask how to taste their own cum because at the time of masturbation the idea is hot, but as soon as the orgasm has hit, the thrill of doing it is lost. I guess it is down to the change in hormones and arousal levels, suddenly, after satisfied, the thought no longer gets you excited, for a while...until next time and having thoughts of men during those high arousal moments would be similar to having thoughts of doing very kinky things with a female, or male or...whatever...It is clearly a fantasy you enjoy when aroused. Much like other fantasies, whether threesomes or anal or whatever...its the taboo, naughtiness of it that really adds to the arousal levels and gets us off...so this may explain why you dont think of men in between masturbation sessions? Alternatively you might discover in the future that you want to act on the fantasy. There are many men and women that say they are Bi...but not "emotionally"...in other words, lots of bi women for example, can get horny imagining having sex with another woman, but probably only want to get in relationships with a man. Other bi women would happliy date and have relationships with males or females etc...you see? ....we are all different. xxx

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