1. Nipplegasms!

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    I've heard of disabled men who get pleasure out of nipple play, but that's really because they have no alternative.

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    My word!...this is a fantastic insight to an exciting topic! I absolutely love fondling bare breasts and sucking tempting nipples so this is right up my street! Information comes from the best source, the general public. It`s great to know the questions are answered honestly from experience without dramatisation which you would get if a product was being sold. Sexy and sincere! Lovely!

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    Just thought I'd bump this up because for the first time I came close to a nipplegasm.

    We were gently kissing as he pinched my nipple hard and I was playing with him, it was so hot and sensual I got very close...maybe next time!!

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    Hi all, my OH can have nipplegasms quite easily, but it does take time to build up the senstation. I understand it's quite rare for people to be able to do this, possibly as little as 2% based on research I've done on the web; I try to make my OH feel pretty special about this experience that she can have that others cannot. As far as technique goes I do have to build up gradually then get a little more "positive", not very "rough", with her nipples for her to go over the edge, but I have to start slow and teasing for quite a while otherwise it all just feels too rough on her nipples.

    There is an, however..... she does say that the orgasm isn't as good as a clitoral one so she usually asks me to stop on her nipples and go to her clit. I usually play with her breasts and nipples as an edging technique prior to cunnilingus. I've also found that this technique helps to bring her to a G spot orgasm, but we are still working on this having only managed this twice so far. I'm also discussing with my OH if we can try a multiple orgasm for her, by doing a nipplegasm followed by clit and/or G-spot very quickly, but she is reluctant to give it a go; she says she will get too sleepy after her nipplegasm so she will not feel like more stimulation.

    One other observation she does get very aroused so can often bring in her own hands to push her breasts/nipples towards my mouth, but I have noted that this seems to make it less likely that she will have a nipplegasm; probably the own vs others touch that seems to do something to the brain chemistry. This seems to be a pretty general "rule" to all touch and sexual arousal, it always feels better and more arousing if someone else is doing the touching etc..., I find if she puts her arms over her head and holds the bedstead then it seems to heighten her sensation and easier to get a nipplegasm. I've also suggested tying up her hands/arms to get the same arousal, but she is not keen on this type of kink, but never say never......

    Hope this is helpful to others in their quest for a nipplegasm.

    For me as a man I love having my nipples played with and it definitely makes me very, very aroused, but no orgasm. Inspired by my OH's ability I recently bought myself some nipple clamps, OMG, they feel amazing and also make your nipples more sensitive after use. I still cannot get to orgasm from nipples alone though, obviously I'm not one of the 2% ! I must write a review for LH on the nipple clamps, 5* from me....... not sure my OH would be keen to use them, although I've not aksed her, probably too "rough" and she probably doesn't really need them for extra stimulation, but who knows maybe her nipplegasm will then rival her clitoral one !

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    I can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone

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