1. sex who initiates it and how?????

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    I'd say I initiate about 80ish% of the time but I don't have a specific way of doing so, sometimes I'll ask, sometimes I'll "tell", sometimes I'll just grab and/or hop on!!!


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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    Well, as most of you know, the OH never seems to initiate it now, but he used to all the time! It was great! Sometimes I'd start it off by telling him some sexy things in his ear when we were out, or sit in his lap or grind against him in the clubs and bars, and he would get so hard and excited that he would have to drag me out of the place and practically run back to his place with me under his arm! LOL!

    But other times he would have had a really bad day at work or something and he would meet up with me and tell me he needs "big cuddles" .. bless.

    But a lot of the time he would just keep quiet for ages and then just suddenly blurt out while watching telly or at a friends house, or down the street etc that he wanted to do things to me and he would just drag me off to somewhere where we wouldn't be disturbed!

    I used to stay with him at his place a lot of the time, and we would just watch a movie or something then he would turn around and start groping and kissing me.

    It was great back then, I felt really wanted and needed. But now all I get is grumbles and complaining when I want sex.. Its tiresome now..

    I'm sorry things are getting you down hun! *HUGS*


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    It's 50:50 with us. She will at times literally unbutton my pants, pull them down then take her knickers off then straddle me and grind her pussy down on my cock which of course leaps into action! Or she'll be stripped off as I get to hers and start teasing me by doing unmentionable things on here LOL

    I too will just start taking her clothes off and kissing/sucking her boobs whilst rubbing her up and kissing her all over (front and back). We're usually butt naked within a few mins.

    Or. . . .if we fancy a night/morning of floggers and restraint that will be pre-organised 9 times out of 10 due to attaching door restraints and things like that.

    SG69 x

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