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  1. Best ever sex tips :o


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    I have one tip that was given to me as a young man and I have found it to be very sound advice.

    "Don't stick it were it shouldn't be"

    This was given to me by an old Devonshire farmer. If you say it with a Devonshire accent it seems to have more prominence.lol.

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    KinkyFuckery wrote:

    Huge Cock I suggest you read the rules http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/forum-rules/ inappropriate comments could cause you to get banned !

    Thank you! +1

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    My best sex tip would be, to look at every sexual experience as a new one each time, as peoples emotions, sensations, hormones, evniroment, is never the same, even if you think you are performing a same sex position.

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    Not being selfish & caring about your partners experience is an obvious tip that can sadly be overlooked...

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