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  1. Spit or swallow?

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    Hey all,

    Long story short, I'm kind of an inexperienced giver of blow jobs, although I do love doing them. The thing is, I've yet to make my boyfriend orgasm from it. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to it though. The last time I did it, I could feel his balls and the base of his penis getting tighter and tighter. Around this time, I lost concentration when I suddenly realised that I'd never properly considered whether or not I was going to spit or swallow! Having his dick in my mouth was not really the ideal time to consider it, but my jaw gave in then anyway.

    It's been a while since that blow job since I really have to be in the mood to do them and it's been ages since I've seen my boyfriend. Since that last blow job, he's given me permission to use my vibrator(s) on him, and I'm thinking it could possibly be enough to tip him over the edge.

    I feel like I want to swallow, or at least the idea doesnt repulse me and I'm willing to give it a go. It could possibly be easier said than done though.

    I have a terrible gag reflex. I want to try to avoid choking as he comes in my mouth as much as possible! Is there a particular area of the mouth I should try to aim for (if thats even possible) or any tricks like that to reduce the urge to gag on it?

    Secondly, if he comes in my mouth and it turns out to be the most vile thing I've ever tasted, is there an easy and graceful way of spitting it out?

    Any other advice you think may be relevant would be quite welcome also.

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