1. need advice on step daughter

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    amandammmm wrote:

    You need to tell her mum. You can't keep this t yourself.

    She may support you, I would want to know if it were my daughter, you need to show her what you found. She needs to see it. It's not like you were actively looking for this on her laptop.

    Show her the bill, show her the stuff on the laptop and explain what's going on. I can imagine it being hard but it needs to be done.

    Good luck and be strong x

    Best of luck, its not going to be easy.

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    That's a horrific place to be caught mikedhf. This is a secret which can not be kept and if left will only fester and grow. I'm a great believer in getting things out into the open no matter what the fall-out is. Love will always prevail in the long run. Whether it is a conversation with all 3 of you or just a conversation between you and your step-daughter, I think it needs to be done. At least it is 'out there'. I would focus the discussion around the areas that are of true concern to you and not allow the conversation to be distracted by the more minor things eg hearing her have fun with herself. At the very least you will have established some ground rules.

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