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  1. What was your most memorable holiday sex?

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    To cut a short story long. . . . . .

    Barbados August last year. . .I was leaning over our top floor balcony at about 6pm just taking the fantastic view in and watching the world go by. I had no clothes on as usual and was minding my own business. All of a sudden my OH was sitting on the balcony floor behind me and playing with my ass, kissing and squeezing me all over, making me rather horny. She started playing with my cock with her baby oiled hands, running her tight grip up and down the length of my hard dick and pulling gently on my balls. After 5 mins of this she spread my ass open and was kissing and licking my asshole whilst still sliding her hand up and down my cock which was now rock solid, my heart was pounding as I looked over the balcony. People who we'd got to know where shouting up and waving to me so I had to keep a straight face whilst smiling at them. Suddenly "slap" the noise was like a firecracker going off and everyone looked up to see where it was/what it was. My OH was spanking me hard and I couldn't flinch, still wanking me tightly she spanked me again and again, people had now stopped and were looking around for the noise it was that loud. She was still wanking me off and pulled me into the room by my dick. I looked into the mirror and my arse was blushing red and stinging. She sucked me for 10 mins when I just threw her on the bed and fucked her really really hard in the missionary position, biting her hard nipples and neck, kissing her mouth hard. I flipped her onto all fours and carried on pounding her swollen pussy and smacked her arse hard, I knelt down and licked her asshole and pussy once and stood back leaving her there on hands and knees, my hard cock was just about touching her asshole. After 10secs she was begging to be fucked hard in her pussy so I slid it deep inside her and she cum hard after 2 mins with my thumb buried deep in her ass. When she'd finished cumming I pulled my dick out and flipped her back on her back and fucked her till I cum inside her, she was screaming with pleasure pulling my ass into her as she writhed on that bed.

    Looking forward to my next hol in 2 weeks. . . . .

    SG69 x

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