1. Bad back stops him lasting very long - any good positions/toys to help spice it up?

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    I love my partner to bits, and I love sex with him...but the trouble is it never lasts very long. He has a bad back, so he has a tendancy to go as quickly as he can (even when I'm on top he takes over after a while) because he's worried that if he doesn't finish the pain will get to him and he'll lose his errection (it's happened before). Sometimes fast and passionate is great, but a lot of the time it's over too quickly for me to really get going! Of course he's a man and would likely be offended so I can't tell him that...any recommendations that can help me out???

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    Communication, try to explain that you'd love to see him get the most out of sex (as apposed to saying 'you finish to quickly and i'm not done') With any back issue... it will be down to him to find the most comfortable position. But along with positions, consider aids too... back supporting pillows, wedges, I've even known people to use a tens machine too (but I would visit a doctor befor use for advice)

    Also consider hot baths, gentle massage and pain control. And of course if speed will continue to be a key factor... consider using a small toy or bullet whilst having sex, so you get some extra stimulation for yourself. But honestly, just talk to him. Remind him that you enjoy him as he is, but you'd love to see the both of you expand the fun. :) Hope this helps.

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    Dependent on how bad his back is, have you tried a nice massage? The fact he's anxious to get through because he's concerned about his back means he's probably making him tense - perhaps a slow gentle massage might help him relax, make him feel less tense, and would allow you to have a longer session.

    A delay cream/lube could also be helpful as well.

    But as HGL said, communication is key.

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    Delay penetration for as long as possible, try more oral, or mutual masterbation. Let him watch, whilst you bring yourself to almost the brink then get him to finish with you doggy style and him reaching round to stimulate your clit.

    Where there's a will there's a way.

    But talk to him, before it becomes deep seated in his mind that he's had it!

    I know where he's at. I have a damaged spine that can put me off, but we try something else.

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    What about on the sofa while his back is supported, or doggy style ?

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    ...or he could just try pleasuring you at your pace and forget about the goal of his orgasm. if it happens, great, if not, he's pleased you and hopefully enjoyed it. you can always try again later.

    mrs jj and i have to do this sometimes because of my low blood pressure. i can only keep it up for about half an hour - one shag divided into four or five episodes over two days can be great.

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