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    ladies and gentlemen wanted your opinion on this subject. I myself suffer from sexsomnia if you are not sure what it is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_sex i myself have suffered from it since i first started sharing a bed with women. I am very self concious about this and honestly embarresed about it when i share a bed with the opposite sex i do everything to stay on the other side of the bed because of this condition. However i still sometimes manage it with my partner she tells me the next day but i find it really embarassing and am afraid of being with female friends in case i fall asleep next to them on the sofa as example as i have no control of this. what is everyones opinion on this do you or your partner suffer from this or any exs and if so what is your opinion on this subject.

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    I've started to do this resently, but I have also started doing normal sleep walking too, due to stress.

    Personally I don't mind when it happens.

    Personally for me, I haven't worried about it too much. Normally when I sleep walk I perform activities I would normally do in everyday life a lot, and generally I have sex around 3+ tgimes a day, so it makes sense to me as why I have started doing it. Unlike when I was younger and slept walked and wasn't sexually active, it wouldn't happen, but I would read, make drinks, etc.

    I'm not sure what advise I can give, but I have found the more I worry about doing things in my sleep, the more likely I am to do them.

    Althoulgh before sleep walking again, I had started to have some very real lucid dreams where I would be doing things within them that felt so real, including sex. But at the time I had spent monts not really sleeping and had to go onto sleeping tablets - I think my brain was making up for all the lost REM sleep, maybe?

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    I guess mildly.
    MRS will flirt with me or otherwise stir me from sleep arousing me; I then wake her during penetration.

    She is completely unaware of touching me or moaning; also she does not wake up to removal of her panties or light stimulation; but does awake to penetration. She absolutely loves this!

    As for embarassment; don't be. just let anyone you share your bed with know - no different than anything else. An individual trait, nothing more.

    As for other friends or random falling alseep around others: in a broader sense those I have known with sleep walking conditions still seem to have basic procetory abiliites - example my brother in law knows which car is his (fortunetly not where his keys are)

    I hope this is some help and comfort to you

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    I think that it's possible. Many years back we went to bed at about ten o-clock settled down for a little passion, Then I thought that I was having a hot wet dream I woke up and we were spooning I was at that stage that I was near to cumming so had increased the power my thrusting and speed. My OH was soaking wet and we both had one of those fantastic orgasmns where you just dont want to stop. However we did and after a trip to the bathroom we settled down again, I looked at the clock and got her to confirm that it was three thirty!! We must have fell asleep for about four hours. So mabe our subconsious takes over, Is it the smell? Is it the warmth of another body? Or is that us guys either have a heart atack or an erection at three thirty? lol x

    We have never forgot that experiance. She did feel guilty for a little while 'cause she thought that she had fallen asleep on me.

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    I used to do this alot, its more common in males, but i seem to be the one doing this in my relationship. Its not so much anymore, but used to be about 4 times a week. The OH is almost ready to go all the time, just by giving him a quick rub. This is how i know i'm also the one doing it, we've filmed us sleeping to see who was the instigator...3 out of those 4 nights it was me. The OH doesnt mind, its just hard when hes got to get up for work in the morning and at 3am we're both being woken up by an orgasm lol.

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    well i am glad that is not just me that suffers this but you do feel sorry for your partners sometimes.

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