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  1. Crossdressing/sissification???

    wonderlost [sign in to see picture]
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    littlekitty wrote:

    My boyfriend is a cisgendered (i.e. not trans) male, but he enjoys wearing my clothes.
    It's a huge turn on for me and he likes skirts a lot, so it works out well for us both!

    You shouldn't be afraid of what you like because in the end, it's only clothing that has been branded as 'feminine' by society anyway. Like, why the stigma?

    And if it turns out that it's not for you, then that's okay too. Just enjoy your curiosities rather than try to block them out! -w-

    I know loads of girls who love boys crossdressing, and vice versa. That's just my opinion though. It's not too dificult to find someone who won't help you indulge, I'm sure.

    Good luck! <3

    Well, I wish my problem was whether I decide to dress up like a girl or not. My problem goes beyond that, and believe me, I think that daring to try crossdressing is a lot less complicated than my emotional block, which is the real problem. Thanks anyway, it's good to know that girls are attracted or even turned on by men with this fetish.

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    wonderlost wrote:

    The Nymphomaniac wrote:

    If you do join fetlife I recommend joining this group

    The group owner is very good on this topic, and she focuses on it when Mistressing. I've met one of her subs who is a trans cross dresser, but I believe she has sissified non-trans men too.

    I've had very little experience. I've known a guy who purely found cross dressing fun, he was bi sexual. I saw one guy who wanted to dress up as a girl for a new experience and to prove how much he trusted me, he was striaght. And then I've put a sub in womens clothes, and well, he hated it so much, it almost broke him.

    I have found that with these men cross dressing has not altered their sexual orientation. Even when experimenting with subs who are forced to perform bisexual act, those subs are already bi. I wouldn't be able to perform that form of play if a sub wasn't bi (although I wouldn't do it if they were striaght as that's not ethical).

    Cool. I was wondering also whether combining crossdressing and submission would end up in forced homosexuality or any other practice against one's will. It's good to know that, since I'm a little attracted to BDSM, too. Thank you.

    Within BDSM you get consenual non-consenual play. So basically if someone is consenting to non-consenual play, it may happen, however if they have not consented to this form of play it wouldn't happen if the others involved are ethical and respect each other.

    I do do a lot of consenual non-consenual play, but would never do it to someone who hasn't agreed to it before. Plus I would still respect their limits too, unless it's with my main submissive, but he has consent to me to perform non-consenual play which means I can push him past his limits - however I would never push compoletely past them, just more nudge them past his comfort zone a bit and then bring him but to his normal perception of his own understanding of his limits and things.

    Even in consenual non-consenual play, when people are forced to act bi or other things out, generally they still maintain their ideas of their own sexuality. It's also a form of play which a Dom wouldn't do to someone who they feel are emotionally unstable and concerned about certain things which may happen in play.

    Complete non-consenual play in the way you are describing would be bad, and end up with a broken sub. It's unethical and morally wrong, and basically a lot like rape.

    SubKatie [sign in to see picture]
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    I am not sure where it comes from but my Mum always said I should have been a girl as I had pretty eyes. I love wearing women's lingerie, being used like a women and being called a slut. I am totally straight but love to be dominated by women. I actually feel like a lesbian when I make love. I pretend my cock is a clit in my little satin panties. I lalso have a little penis which helps. I love to be called Katie as well. I love giving oral sex as well. Trouble is my wife has now taken over completely. I am now her sex slave, domestic servant and she also dresses me in lingerie both for work, home and in the bedroom. I did not want it too go this far but I was one the one who suggested it in the first place. She was not into it at first but now she loves it because I serve her sexually, do the housework and she gets turned on my by lingerie.

    twincats [sign in to see picture]
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    Nothing wrong with male's wearing lady's garments, been doing it for years.
    It's a lovely feel and emotional pleasurable, some time it like being a woman, as subkatie says, being a lesbian when making love. Just waiting for partner to start using a strap on.
    I buy all the sexy clothes so I get to try them on as well. Nice to share.
    It dose no harm, as long all party's agree and are comfortable with it.
    Another dream is having two females and me in female clothes, rock on ......

    Mikew [sign in to see picture]
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    I have always loved dressing in sexy lingerie since very young, something about the silky texture. Sadly oh not keen but she does pick out various items as a treat like she has tonight. Just a bit envious of you guys whose ohs join in with you. I'd advise any guy to try it.

    Danielle23 [sign in to see picture]
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    I would love to find a partner who would like to share my fantasies in being feminised an pegged.

    MattB [sign in to see picture]
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    If casual sex is leaving you empty, I can't imagine that casual sex plus a fetish is going to help.

    I think that you need to sort out your emotional issues (perhaps find someone to help) and then when you find the right woman, you can explore this more with her.

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