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  1. So Sad What can I do?

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    Fluffbags wrote:

    I was in a relationship with a man who gave up all the initial teasing, flirting and cheekiness and paying attention to me after a year or so. After this point, it became about work, home...watching tv, going to bed and him pawing my breasts or bum as a come-on...you know what? After a while I not only lost interest, but I resented his lack of effort. My opinion was that if he could not even be bothered to think of me, pay me compliments, touch me (hand holding, hugging, kissing) during any other time EXCEPT when he wanted his end away...then why should I put in any effort either? So I didn't!

    *nods enthusiastically*
    Great sex comes from a great relationship, and effort and affection is SO important to this. Maybe take sex out of the equation for a bit, and focus on ensuring you're both on the same page, and feel happy and loved?

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    Bit off an update we did manage a sort of date night but that didn't go to plan either.
    Both ended up working late 9 o'clock and work changed my start time to 6 in the morning.
    Just seems like thinks are against us at the moment didn't get much sorted but it's a start I suppose.
    Still not much happier.
    Next date night wedding anniversary in April and it's a night away and it's booked.

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    time away together without kids is a good idea.

    worth the expense if you can afford it.

    the other thing to remember is that these periods are natural and almost inevitable in a long term relationship. mrs jj and i have been together 24 years. kids now 23 and 18. it's much easier to find time to go at it now the kids are grown up and/or out.

    keep the flame burning gently and it'll burst into a blaze again one day... i recommend patience, cuddles and masturbation. good luck.

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    I'm in the same boat but different it's medical reasons for my hubby I have toys and crushes but I love him good luck.


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    Hi Iwish, First of all well done for posting must of been a hard choice. You seem to have great affection for your OH. You will get there write her a letter get it all down open your heart to her. My wife was all most the same her hang up was her up bringing had been told all her lfe its dirty, dont do it, men have urges you will have to deal with as a wife. We have allso found out that her mum only ever had missionary with her dad and that was for his sake. this is a form of imprinting.Brought upto think its wrong.

    I have been married to my wife for 25 yrs and consider my self a very lucky man. the sexual journey has and still is amazing. She had no idea that she was supposed to enjoy it too. It takes time and lots of communication. I am a face to face communicater not written. My Oh is the other way around. Still when we talk she can still find it intimadating. So I try on big issues to write to her txts are great. Iam not a very literate man and being on LV has helped. She loves the fact that I write to her as she knows this is harder for me.

    Just because you have communicated it dont just assume she understands. After all these years it still astounds me that when we sometimes have telepathy over somethings how others you can still get wrong. even after talking. Good luck and keep posting the ladies on here will help you. Be honest and just ask .

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