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  1. When did you discover you had a fetish?


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    about 5 seconds before she gagged me and spanked me with a cane lol

    Welshman [sign in to see picture]
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    I have a hand fetish! Didn't realise until I was chatting to my bank manager; a stunning lady in her late 40's, with lovely slender hands and painted nails. Could only imaging her technique at hand jobs! Suddenly paying a lot more attentio to ladies hands :)

    HappilyExperimenting [sign in to see picture]
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    Just had a look at the fetish map and got a bit scared by it!! I don't think I have any fetishes but I'm still not twenty till next year, so have plenty of time to develop some :)

    kinky str8 [sign in to see picture]
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    when i had a dream about wearing womens underwear and told my wife and she pulled a kinky face at me. since then i cant stop dressing up.also i saw a shemale in a porn booklet and got very turned on. since then cant stop watching shemale porn. both are such a turn on. i am very comfortable with who i am as should everyone. live your lives free, happy and honest, especially to yourselves. x

    Jimi Duro [sign in to see picture]
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    My teacher at primary school always used to wear stockings and patent heels , she used to make my cock very hard, I used to pretend to drop something so I could get a closer look ! my aunties Feet always used to turn me on as well !

    I think that is where my love of older women started too! I have always been a perv from a very young age ...

    Stevie, hetro sub curious male [sign in to see picture]
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    Oh, another one. I used to have older next door neighbour girls baby sit me when in was about (removed by moderator). They must of been 18 or so. I was curious about them and about girls in general. When they used to go out of the room I smelled their slippers and trainers. Heaven knows why, maybe just curious. Also their bare feet were the first bare parts I saw of women when I was first experiencing my first sexual urges.
    I don't have a shoe or slipper fetish in particular but I'm always attracted to nice feet. If I like a girl I need to know what their feet are like. If the feet aren't that nice it could turn me off them. Bizarre!
    Also leather. I used to date an older girl who wore a long black leather coat. When she was babysitting she would let me in. We'd end up lying on the couch french kissing for ages. Both fully clothed. The smell of her coat was intoxicating. So the smell of leather never fails to arouse me.
    I have a thing for tongues too. Toothpaste telly adverts where I woman would move the tip of her tongue over her teeth would turn me to jelly.
    I'm a complete bundle of surprises.. How do I get through the day !

    Lovehoney - Dani [sign in to see picture]
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    Not a fetish exactly, but that I enjoy a bit of pain in the mix - sex on a balcony at 3 in the afternoon many years ago, with my back up against a brick wall. My shirt rode up and the skin on my back got grazed pretty badly, and it stung in such a lovely way and left a good reminder of the afternoon for a few days.

    Come to think of it that may have been the day I realised I enjoy getting it on in public places, too!

    MondaySixteenth [sign in to see picture]
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    I first tried a bit of choking with my OH whilst camping after reading about it online or in a magazine. It made me have such as rush. Kinky things lay a bit dormant for a while maybe buying sex toys or a pair of hand cuffs. We'd have the odd kinky session. One when I was on holiday he handcuffed me (sexy ones not real ones!) to a chair and blindfolded me and teased me. Then after a friend and her OH talked to us about their BDSM lifestyle and where they fit into things and how they go about them we made a fetlife account and had an explore around online. Bought more serious toys, went to a munch and now we're going to BDSM clubs probably monthly and are building up an extensive collection :P

    Friday13 [sign in to see picture]
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    I really can't remember when I realised I was masochistic and submissive. It just seemed to appear fully formed when I was 18. I joined kink sites almost immediately, met a guy about a week later, was going to clubs about a month after that and was working in one about six months later. It's really strange because I hadn't really fantasised about BDSM before I got involved, it just seemed to make sense.

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