1. When did you discover you had a fetish?

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    my fetishes change all the time. But i do have a fetish for condoms, weird i know, i think its because i know im going to have sex. It actually really turns me on.

    I also have a fetish for trifle and Gateus (sorry spelling) i first realised when i was making a trifle i got so aroused and wet at the thought of getting down and dirty with it. So every now and then My OH will watch me get off on a trifle or big messy Gatteu lol.

    And have another latex fetish. I get my OH to wear rubber gloves while carressing and stroking my body and fingering me. lol


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    monstergeeza wrote:

    the_24th_moment wrote:

    I guess it depends what fetish, as I have many!

    My personal favourite fetish/perversion (delete as appropriate!) is enforced male chastity and orgasm denial, which includes the wearing of a chastity device such as the CB-6000.

    I had been into Female Domination and male submission since my teenage years, through flirting at school during which the girl would be dominant and I submissive. This was my first fetish discovery, which would follow on to others.

    Many years later, I read about enforced male chastity and orgasm denial, and I also learnt of the existence of the CB-XXXX range of affordable and user-friendly male chastity devices. I was turned on masochisticly by the thought of orgasm denial enforced by the wearing of a chastity device!

    \I like being masturbated with satin gloves - found this out after an evening out with my ex, we hot horny and she wanked me with them - never cum so hard.

    love the feel of stockings like to wipe my dick over them when i've cum

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    WandA wrote:

    Does this suit anyone?


    Yes WandA - most definately me!! :) Although Im more partial doing it barefoot!! :)

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    For me I always liked the idea of spanking, blindfolds and handcuffs. But we have both been more open about sex since joining here and so we have had more fantasies. We havent exercised those fantasies yet but in time...

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    WandA wrote:

    Does this suit anyone?


    Haha well the cow pat doesn't do anything for me but I can kind of understand it I love stuff that squishy squelshes particularly between my fingers and toes, but I would go for custard or jelly or a bit of plain old mud.

    Is is classed as a foot fetish when you like having your feet touched or is that just when you like looking at other peoples- the looking doesn't turn me on but the being touched does. I have rarely met anyone else who likes feet tho, but I have had a few partners who decided my reaction to is was worth touching the yucky feet

    I have never thought of myself as being particularly kinky but I have dabbled with spanking/suffocation/ strangulation/ hair pulling etc and I have found that whilst I very much enjoy being submissive if someone tries to be dominant with me and isn't very good at it I'll soon have the tables turned on them Parhaps its something I should look for in my next partner!

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    Oh Wow i have so many dont know where to begin

    i like, latex, bondage, little pain, role play, watersports, toys, being submissive etc

    oh and dont know if there is a name for it but i love sex and giving oral sex when mrs fish has her period.

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    5/6 years old. I didn't make the connection till much later, but I knew there was something there.

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    In my teen years and armed with the web I discoverd latex domination and all the wonders of fun

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    I was very young, one of my first "girl-friends" (Was about 3 or 4 years above me in school) would show me things and I think it has gone from there really !

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    I don't really remember, I know I have always liked being tied up, even when I was a kid. I used to make my friends play "Robin Hood" with me, where basically I was Maid Marrion and Someone was Robin Hood, someone had to capture me and tie me up and the person being Robin Hood had to save me...

    I also used to love The Adams Family, I had a odd attraction to Wednesday Adams... I just think it was the odd stuff they used to get up too...

    I first realized I liked being tied up in a sexual way when I was about 12-13, my first boyfriend was a fair bit older than me and he had a heavy interest in bondage, he kinda introduced it all to me.

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    A few months ago I realised I was into spanking, my husband just walked by me while I was in the kitchen while I was leaning over the counter and smacked my arse and since then I love it whenever he does it, I just wish there was a way to get him to do it more


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    This may sound really awful but I have had an interest in panties since about 10 and it has never left. My father once walked in on me as I was trying on my sisters body suit, the ones where they pop at the crotch. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a pervert. I have always from as far back as I remember loved panties. It started as worn panties from people and progressed to me wearing them. Reading that makes me sound awful. Sorry everyone.

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    It must've been when I was around nine or ten years of age. It began when I went into the local library and took out the book 'Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter'. If you know what's on the cover, you'll know what I'm going to say next. I was quite a big fan of R. L. Stein's books and I liked the whole 'pick your own path' concept, so at the time, I was reading a lot of those.

    Anyway, the picture on the cover shows a guy (who's shrinking as time goes by) inside a sandwich which is filled with, yes, purple peanut butter. To this day, I wish I never picked up that book because I'm ashamed of the fetish as it is generally seen as not normal.

    I gradually thought more and more about what I saw and tried to imagine what it'd feel like being lodged inside a giant sandwich. Then it progressed from there. Now I really get off on the idea of a woman being inside a giant sandwich, which is preferably gooey. And often when I'm masturbating, I visualise my fetish of sandwiches and, as my mouth is often wide open, I imagine cramming sandwiches in my mouth. Weird, I know.

    Another fetish I have is tentacles. Preferably those that resemble penises. Whenever I look at pornographic pictures, it's always the ones that involve tentacles that excites me most. I think it's due to the restraining of a woman and her getting raped from all angles and, of course, the cum explosion at the end. I think I first got into it when I went on a game (it's not really a game, it's just click one button to continue) called 'Zone Tentacles'. As for me, I seem to be indecisive about whether I would like the idea of myself being raped by tentacles. It's rather complicated and a bit of a mindfuck when I'm straight. I guess that I might be into bondage, but I've never tried it because I'm single, and I don't get off on bondage videos.

    Oh, and Little Lady, I love how you have a picture of Nyuu as your avatar. I absolutely love the series Elfen Lied and I'm currently watching it - as in I'm in the middle of the series on episode 12. That series started me to get into hentai, funnily enough, but it was also because hentai was mentioned by a guy from my high school. I kinda wish I wasn't told about hentai (I got into hentai first, then looked at real pornography) since it's made me into quite a pervert when concerned with watching videos of people having sex. I tend to want to do what's right, and I permanently feel that watching porn is never okay. I don't know why. I just feel dirty and regretful when I explode whilst watching a video. I say explode because I control my orgasm to make it last and it feels so, SO good when I reach orgasm. Kinda funny now seeing that I have a sex toy and have another waiting to be delivered for me. I guess I get off on the idea of going against what's seen as 'right', which means using an anal dildo even though I'm straight, and more than that, get a dildo which look a LOT like a real penis.

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    bondage, bdsm, nipple piercings - though it would take alot for me to get one. i started reading quite a bit of erotica over the net at 16, i found it by accident whilst revising for exams though i cant remember how! i then came across an anthology of bdsm stories called all wrapped up and became slightly obsessed with the idea of submission

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    with my OH..being with him has relaxed me and let me bring all the things I enjoy out into the open.

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    This morning.... a stainless steel fetish - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14733

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    I found out that I liked things a lil different when I was looking at some porn cilps that this guy at school had given me with some friends just to see what was on there. There was a weird anime clip with this woman who grows a cock and then proceeds to hump these two girls. I found it fascinating and intensly arousing but everyone else was like "woah what the hell is that!" Ever since I have been interested in transexuals, transvestites and just the kinkier side of life really. Now I am a transvestite and I really like it but I would love to explore all sorts of other areas of the erotic world but unfortunately don't have a partner to do so with yet.

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    It's a strange one, fetishes. I've had my kinks since being active I suppose, but some disappear, I've developed new ones and some have always remained the same. Like for example I used to think thigh high boots were sexy as hell but now I'd much prefer to see just a pair of slutty high heels on a lady. And I've developed a liking for curvier women too in the last few years.

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    When I was little boy, I loved being teased by girls feet!

    But since I learned to wank, I loved foot fetish and foot jobs etc! Some ladies in summer with flip flop does get me rock solid! I blame them for showing off their feet!

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    Early teens when i saw a porn movie and the women were peeing

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