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  1. Shaving down there

    Holly Love [sign in to see picture]
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    How do you girls shave down below I shave most of the area but I find it tricky to get close to the labia so I still end up hairy when B wants to go down. Often he uses a trimmer on the more fiddly bits but this still leaves it stubbly and rough which irritates me and him. I'd love to be able to shave it also off and be nice a smooth but can't seem to get it all. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    I have considered waxing but I'm a total wuss so don't like the idea and iv read about veet burn so definatly staying away from that stuff. Would it be better to use a proper shaving cream or foam rather than just doing it in the shower?


    bumplayer [sign in to see picture]
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    I've spent hours, individually plucking with tweezers, it's not too painful if I'm honest, and the hair stays away for a good few weeks, I've tried shaving and veet, and although effective, it starts to come back within a few days, and the itch is unbearable! Be brave ;)

    mrsdivine69 [sign in to see picture]
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    Ooo! I don't do the waxing thing either!

    Trim it first so the hair to be removed it fairly short or it clogs the blade.

    Plenty of shaving foam or good quality, mild soap. A decent ladies disposable twin or triple blade safety razor. You'll get a few uses out of them.

    Sit on the edge of the bath or loo with a jug of warm water for the bits.

    Foam yourself up and hold your skin taut so you've got a nice even surface to glide the razor over. Use long smooth strokes if possible for best results. Dip the blade in the water for a rinse after every stroke.

    If you feel any dragging, put on a bit more foam.

    Don't be too worried about cutting yourself - they're called safety razors for a reason. I don't think I've ever nicked myself and I've been doing it years.

    You'll be silky smooth in no time.

    Once it's been done it's a lot easier to keep doing every few days - A bit like cutting your garden hedge. If you keep trimming it, it's easier to look after. Once you let it get overgrown - it's a nightmare of a job. lol

    mrsdivine69 [sign in to see picture]
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    Shaving the labia and the side of the groin area is fine, but you will getting itching if you shave off the area on the Mound of Venus (fleshy area at the front). There's no way of getting away from that if you shave.

    If you don't want people to think you've picked up crabs, the solution is to leave a nice neat triangle on the Mound. It does it for my man, and lots of others. I think they just like nice smooth access to the main bits - lips and clitoris.

    MrsMcX [sign in to see picture]
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    If you have a lot of hair, it's best to trim it quite short before using a razor. I used to sit on the side of the bath, and pull the skin taught so I could get a smooth shave all over. I've never had a problem, and the more frequently you do it the more your skin adapts to it and this will reduce shaving rash. My hair seems to grow so fast! So now I just have a top up shave with some shower gel and a razor while I'm in the bath. It's really very little hair if you keep topping it up, but if you have a lot of hair it might be a bit yucky doing it in the bath!

    The best way you can get a smooth shave is with plenty of practise, everyone's bodies are different so not everyone can shave the same way. I find that I can pull mine quite taught and get everywhere very smooth now, but when I first started I always had odd patches and it was a right pain trying to get everywhere, but it just takes some time.

    I moisturise afterwards to reduce shaving rash. But recently I grew it out a bit and now I've gone back to shaving I did get a little bit of shaving rash. So I've just ordered this to help out http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17921


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    suspended user
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    Hi Holly Love, make it part of your foreplay I love shaving my OH for her. Don't think there are many men who wouldn't like a nice long look at their OH's pussy in the name of helping out. We love it.

    ShannonMarlene [sign in to see picture]
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    I manage to shave my Labia okay. My trick is to trim the hair as short as possible first before using a vibrating male razor (gentler and cuts closer)

    VampyWolf [sign in to see picture]
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    shaving is easiest, but stubble as a result is horrible. Shaving gives the best immediate results, but only for a day or 2 i find. Just prop 1 leg on the bath, lather up 'down there' with lots of soap/shower gel, and go for it. use different angles to get all the hairs.

    waxing hurts, i don't like it at all since while it is amazingly effective for lasting ages, if you do it yourself there's probably gonna be a few rough/missed patches that you can't go over. get it done professionally for best results, can last weeks of smoothness.

    i personally epilate. i use a really good epilator and it takes a few minutes to get used to that painful plucking feeling, but it gets every single hair and lasts for a couple of weeks :)

    for waxing and epilating, never try to remove hairs too short (under 0.75cm) or hairs too long (1inch), it's very painful, messy and just difficult! you can trim hairs before attacking down there :P

    Khaleesi [sign in to see picture]
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    I much prefer waxing to shaving. I'm a total wuss too Holly!

    Trick is finding an experience beautician who will do it quickly and who you're confident telling that you're nervous. I started of just getting the bikni line done and now I go in for a hollywood! It takes about 10-15 minitues to do and lasts for ages.

    I shave if I don't have the time/ money to wax and I get the same problem of missing a few hairs.

    The miricle oil looks good! I might invest in some!

    KinkyFuckery [sign in to see picture]
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    I have no issue shaving close to the labia I split my legs in the bath and stretch the skin either side tto pull it and get closer hand to explain but I get a clean shave and always use a sharpe new blade

    sexbaron [sign in to see picture]
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    For my gf I use lots of king of shaves oil (NOT menthol!) then cover every surface will gelette profusion gel. I then use a power profusion razor with really warm water which has some gel and oil in it. Go slow and use lots of rinses, try to rinse every stroke. For the inner lips flip the razor over and use the single blade trimmer being careful to maintain only one direction (diagonal will nake a cut like a paper cut). I generally do ut on bed with a couple of bath towels folded up so her legs can be opened and flat (ankles together and knees apart). Gets really close and smooth... hope that helps.

    Holly Love [sign in to see picture]
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    I think I'll get some gel or foam and give it a go next time B will help if needed so that could be fun.

    Hopelessly Horny [sign in to see picture]
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    I use veet for the main bikini area, then I've got a vibrating razor for round my labia although neither lasts for very long :-/ but no way am I daring to get waxed there...I have a high pain threshold but no way!!

    atlanta [sign in to see picture]
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    I started shaving down below about 10 years ago and now do it daily. After a while your skin adapts and becomes smoother and less irritated. I use a brush and an ordinary tablet of shaving soap. Canned foams and gels are much too drying. I like it when my partner shaves but she only does it now and then to please me.

    Don_Don [sign in to see picture]
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    before you spend loads on shaving products , waxing and all the pain and stuble rash and in grown hairs and the worst of all, not having it done when required...... you should look at laser hair removal. My wife did it and hasn't looked back, yest it takes time and is a bit of an outlay at the start but over time it is cheaper and a lot less hassle.

    Bluebells [sign in to see picture]
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    I used to shave the kind of "perimeter" and trim the middle, but I'm really quite hairy there, so it was hard work, and I got fed up with it being fiddly and uncomfortable. So I found myself doing it less and less as I couldn't be arsed, and eventually got out of the habit altogether. I've been au naturale for ages now and used to it now.

    Wildcherry [sign in to see picture]
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    Ive never had a problem shaving down there.. I do prefer it as i get a clean shave but occasionally i use "Magic Powder" you can buy 3 cans on Ebay for £6 and you basicly mix it with a little water and like Veet it removes everything leaving you silky soft (but go for Aloe as it has an odour to it), my hubby uses that over shaving.

    The only thing i guess you encounter with shaving is bumps but i use Nads ingrow solution or http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17921 simular formula with aloe, tea tree and witch hazel to avoid nastys and it stays smooth even longer.

    livvie [sign in to see picture]
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    I used to sit in our tidy shower cublicale in one of the corners, sit with my feet together and my knees bent then spread my knees so im sitting in the square of the shower, lather up with shaving foam and pull at the outer flaps, that way then you can get at all the hair without fearing of cutting yourself, its taken my many yrs to figure out whats best and comfortable for me.
    Now i wax myself, its a hell of alot easier than all of that faffing around & i've never been to a salon to have it done either, just buy the veet wax thingys and refils (bikini wax-sensitive) and some strips and just go to town lol :P

    love addict [sign in to see picture]
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    I've spent so long trying to find a hair removal method that suits me :/ I've tried pretty much every hair removal cream going, they either hardly remove anything, leave me with nasty burns, or leave about half a centimetre of hair which turns into weird elastic. I've tried shaving it, which I stuck at for around a year, using a new clean razor, being slow and careful etc, but still ended up with constant shaving rash, ingrown hairs etc, so then I tried waxing, which left me lovely and smooth for all of three days, but my hair seems to grow at an insane rate because after just a few days it starts growing back, and seems to leave me with more pain and ingrown hairs than shaving, even with daily exfoliation. Next on my list of things to try is plucking, which I expect will go much the same way as waxing :/ The annoying thing is when I talk to my friends, they have none of these problems, one only needs a wax every three weeks or so, another only has to shave once every 3 for 4 days to be perfectly smooth :/

    Camm [sign in to see picture]
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    Dunno why ladies shave - much prefer a bit of hair down there. By all means have a trim, lol, but within reason!

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