1. Strange side effects of sex

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    Ecksvie wrote:

    Hey all,

    I recently aquired my first vibrator and I'm in love with it :)

    The only thing is, I've noticed when my boyfriend uses it on me, after a while, I get awful numbing and pins and needles in my hands, and afterwards, it's almost like my fingers are vibrating, I can't keep them still! I never get this when I use the vibrator on myself, I have no idea what might cause it.

    Does anyone else get any funny side effects to things like this?

    Thats vibration white finger... QUICK get a job on a building site with a windy pick (jack hammer) & then sue the shit out of em for loss of feeling in your hands!

    It doesn't say Black & Decker on the side of that vibe does it?

    Seriously don't worry, it's normal, unless you are didling yourself for several hours every day then you've nowt to worry about. Vibrations disrupt blood flow & muscle tissue preventing them from functioning as normal, it takes a while fort he feeling to subside, try changing the material of the vibe as different materials absorb more vibration & some vibes only buzz on the tip giving your fingers less tremors.

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