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  1. He's Premature!

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    I don't think anyone mentioned but different positions can help. Kinda depends on the stimulation really. When I was a wee bit younger I couldn't look at my gf's face when we were having sex because I got too turned on when she was biting her lip etc. therefore we found that doing it doggy and reverse helped me last much longer! Not exactly the most intimate but when we were in the mood for a bit of face to face we could do the lotus etc and slow the whole thing down so less sexually stimulating.

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    I used to find than the initial act of entering got me very close to coming, stretching my foreskin and lube helped for me (and doing it more oftern).

    As another thought, something like this ... http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=27843, that way he is more 'insulated' from direct contact, like an extra thick condom? You can get them that just cover the tip if that is where he is especially sensitive.

    I think it has been suggested previously but could he come quickly and then have a short break while continuing to stimulate you and then enter you again?

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    I agree with many of the above, I find it a huge turn on and compliment when oh comes fast, it means I am turning him on so much he cant hold on, plus he gives me lots of orgasms anyway so I am always satisfied, if during sex he has come and I have not he will stay in me and then stimulate my clit which gives me such a strong orgasm. Also agree if you both keep thinking about it and it becomes an issue it will make things worse, just realx and both enjoy playing, it should always be relaxed and fun. :-)

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    Non concentrating on coitus so much might also help. If he uses his hands and mouth more and you have had a couple of orgasms already before he enters you, you might not feel that two minutes is too short

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    also have to problem of not lasting long most times. commening on this to keep track of it, some real good advive on 1st half iv red. + i got that china brush...it works well. only used it 2 times upto now so is 50/50. worth trying thought :)

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    Oh! Also try gripping the base of his shaft hard when he feels he's going to come. It's worked for us in the past (:

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    I have found that a good "staying spray/lube" + cock ring does have a notable affect on me.

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    Also, have you thought about a hollow strap on?

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