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  1. Having a shave

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    Thanks for everyones help... Will let you know how it all goes..

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    I used to be an avid shaver and found it to be much more easy than expected.

    Pretty much follow the advice given already, though I used to use conditioner instead of shaving foam/shower gel.

    follow up with a decent amount of moisturiser/oil (I use coconut oil)

    keep moisturising daily and use some exfoliating gloves in the shower after about day 3.

    the other option is to conider waxing - which is what I get doen now - and have never looked back to shaving

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    Been bare down there for quite a few years now...... so here's my two bits.

    I used to shave earlier....definitely shave in the shower as others have duly explained. I would also suggest not to use an entirely new razor but not a too old one too.....a fairly new one should do the trick. If you have long hair ...please do trim them first.

    And frankly the most difficult part I found was actually trimming....those scissors are sharp and somehow always get misdirected....be careful doing this....or you can even use an electric trimmer if you have one works much better and is easier.

    The shaving part would be easier than you think. Just don't shave the same area again & again to avoid ingrown hair......be patient and it will be easy to do......you would have to try very hard to cut yourself.

    After the shave do use a moisturiser and some talcum powder also helps.....do not ever use aftershave it hurts like crazy and you'll be hopping around (trust me on this)........also since you are doing it for the first time try sleeping naked or not wearing an underwear for as long as possible.....the skin will be sensitive for the first 24-36 hours and lesser the abrasions against it the better. Do not also apply soap for long durations at least for 24 hours.

    All in all rest assured you will be fine. One last tip try doing this in front of a mirror in the shower if you have one....it helps.

    Lastly I have tried everything from shaving, hair removal creams, electric razors and waxing. I would strongly recommend waxing as best.... (takes a bit of effort to get it done first up)...followed by hair removal creams....shaving is something I would personally not recommend.....the hair come back up very quickly...there is a risk of ingrown hair and you may just nick yourself somewhere......try shaving first then you can move up to something else

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    I find a newish 5 blade razor best,also use a good gel like King Of Shaves,not foam.Trim first.I find a good soak in the bath softens the hair and makes the job easier.Also do it last and empty the bath a bit so that you can do it whilst lying down and you bits are above the waterline,as i find lying down makes it easier to manipulate your bits whilst holding the razor.One final bit of advice...look on Amazon at the reviews for `Veet hair removal cream for men` it`s comedy gold,but whatever you do,don`t use the product on your genitals!

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    I shave my OH's downstairs, what i do is get him hard. Its a hell of alot easier to shave him that way :D

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    I use a bic disposable to get it short then a Wilkinson Sword Protector (the ones behind the strips of wire) to do the close shave, very rarely knicks, and really smooth results also as the previous poster said get yourself hard. Its so much easier with a tight Scrotum.

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