1. Squirting

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    Yes definitely keep trying, but not too hard otherwise adding pressure will prevent it from happening. It caught me by surprise! I was alone, totally relaxed and when I felt my orgasm coming and 'that urge to pee', I relaxed, pushed my kegal muscles out instead of clenching in and voila. The orgasm continued afterwards and it was incredible. Good luck!

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    Will keep trying. Thank you x

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    No problem 😉 I've yet to try whilst hubby is watching me, both times I've done it I've been on my own. I'm just hoping I don't feel under pressure (in my own head) to do it in front of him.....I would love for him to see it and I know it would send him crazy 😜

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    I squirted for the first time quite recently 

    I also thought it was something that was made up/faked for porn films, I was actually shocked at how much much came out!

    You need someone willing /preparedto put in a lot of finger work, then lot of sex (ankles either side of your head) to keep hitting the spot. Normally start to tense up when I orgasm but with squirting its kind of the opposite, everything relaxes instead.

    Put a couple of towels down if you dont have a waterproof mattress cover, otherwise you are in for an uncomfortabe sleep after.

    Good luck x

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    I absolutely love it! Massive turn on for me. The oh has perfected her technique and will send me videos of her playing and squirting several times over!

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    Radnor Lodbrok, I'd second that about the king size vinyl sheet, it's really good and I find I can relax thoroughly because I'm not worrying about the bed.

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    First time I experienced a lady squirting/ gushing I was 17 out the back of a village hall, she was shocked and embarrassed at the time but called next day as wanted to experience again, she also told acouple of friends to which we had fun together but despite same technique I couldn’t get them to squirt, I find it a massive turn on to stimulate a lady in this way.

    Only managed to get misses to gush a few times, she needs to be fully relaxed, right time place

    i love it

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    The thing I find with squirting is that my fiance now thinks it's a chore. I've been with him for nearly two years and I can never really remember squirting before....he's asked an ex and he said I had...but the ex had never said anything to me about it...I didn't even know what it was...I was 18/19 back then (14yrs or more now) and my ex before my fiance....I remember a small wet patch but all I remember is being embarrassed coz I needed the loo and thought id pissed on him a little. And he never went 'oh wow you've just squirted' But now with my fiance after the 2nd time together I squirted and he went 'oh wow your a squirter I love it' and he asked if I had always been and when I said no he didn't believe a word of it. He thinks that every time we do it he has to make me or hes not done a good enough job and that others have made me do it "just like that" or they have done it a million times better and more. He thinks he's not good enough at anything to do with sex and he keeps saying his cock isn't big enough to make me do it. But he has done it, it's just mainly been with fingers or oral that he's made me do it. How can I get my fiance to stop feeling like it's a chore or that he's not good enough (he is more than good....the best I've ever had in bed). It's causing so many arguments that we can be half way through the deed and he will stop and walk away saying 'i can't do it, you need a bigger dick'. I'm left lying there in pieces and just don't understand why he's like this. He's easily 6-7inches and it's the best looking dick I've ever seen. Sorry I've gone off topic and onto ranting. Been wanting to get it out my system for a long time and just didn't no what thread to do it on or how to go about it.

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