1. One for the girls! What do you prefer fingers or tongue clitoral stimulation?

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    I can´t decide between either...so both please! I also find cold metal things when rubbed on my clit incredible, it´s the contrast of warm and soft against hard and cold mmmmmmm.......try it ladies, you won´t be disappointed ;) xx

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    MasqueradeMinx wrote:

    For me its vibes, they do the most. Fingers dont affect me when I am doing it but when the OH is very good, my fave is tongue for clitoral and fingers internal, rubbing my g-spot, woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwiiiiiiiiieeeee!

    and i think us men enjoy this too. altjo do like getting tongue right inside too :s

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    my OH seems to like tongue plus fingers, theres a spot she really likes deep inside her which... let me try to explain it right. its like a protruded dimple (finger fits right into it and ether side of it is like a tunnel, does that make sense?

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    I love a tounge flicking against my clit and having it probe inside me , oooooh yes please !

    Adding fingers at the same time , always good :) .


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    nice to hear a girl thinking the same.

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    I'm finding it very helpful to read this thread. My wife has for a long time been reluctant to receive oral, and has only recently admitted that she does like the sensations but feels embarrassed by the concept. I've therefore had little opportunity to learn good oral technique, beyond noticing on a few occasions when something seems to work for my wife and then trying to replicate it in future.

    It's really useful to hear that there are such marked differences between women, with "likes" for some being "hates" for others, and vice versa. That will help me to feel less foolish when I try an idea and get no reaction or a negative one. I understand now that oral is very much a question of experimenting and gaining constructive feedback from my wife when she's in the mood to provide it.

    In answer to the question posed by the thread, my wife seems to prefer me to finger her for a while before heading for her clit with my tongue. I think that's largely due to embarrassment factor for her, though -- she finds it much easier to put this to one side once she's signicantly turned on.

    Thanks for the contributions here.

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    definately tongue stimulation for me! Fingers are ok.


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    Oooh I didn't realise I could choose both. It'll have to be both now then! lol


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    I actually really dislike oral (receiving). It's nothing to do with embarrassment, I just don't like the sensation at all, and this has been the same with any partner I've had.

    I have to choose fingers, but I particularly luuurve it when my Hubby does this whilst spooning me or from behind whilst I'm tied face-down, because the angle at which he touches me is toe-curlingly good and significantly different a sensation to approaching me from the front.

    I know this wasn't an option, but I love it when he rubs me with the head of his cock! Drives me bonkers!


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