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  1. Spanking Techniques

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    This might seem a very odd thread, but here goes...

    Like many I suspect, my partners and I have investigated spanking on pretty much a trial and error basis... Inventing blows, rhythms, alternating sensations etc as imagination strikes us (sorry!) and trying to build a toolbox of what works.

    Yet it seems to me that there must be unplumbed resources of expertise in the wider community, but unless you encounter a more experienced partner in your travels or one of us engages a pro for tuition, these may remain untapped.

    So... Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find relevant tips, or is someone able to help themselves? I thought that a wider exposure to certain fiction might help, but authors seem to rely on the trick that what we imagine will hold greater power than what is described.

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    The interenet is packed with resources on this subject and with a bit of searching quite a lot of videos are out there as well.

    Despite that the best way to learn is with a willing partner who gives feedback on what does and doesn't feel good. Clearly you have to discover each others likes and limits which can only be done by communicating and trying.

    With regard to specific technique its difficult to provide advice because I don't know what your starting point it. Hand Spanking has two possiblities........either cupped hand or flat hand.......the flat stings more than cupped but both are acceptable techniques!

    With implements its best to start with something easy to control like a paddle and work from there. Always start with slow precise movements and warm up. You should only ever spank fleshy bits and always be careful to avoid the top of the bottom / lower back area.........vital organs don't take kindly to being bruised.

    Hopefully that was the kind of thing you were looking for but if not ask away :-)

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    Currently this is free and all about spanking http://www.spankingwriters.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/The-Spanking-Writers-vol-3-anthology-copyright-Abel-Jenkins-2013.pdf

    I'll try and write some info later once I'm more awake =)

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    Hi Alastor - Here is a very detailed Spanking article from a well known Dom which I hope helps - apologies for the length - but I do think it is very well written - hope this helps :) xx

    Just about everyone knows what a spanking is. Many people have felt them at some point in their lives, usually as children when they had done something wrong. Many people look at spanking as a disciplinary measure only and wonder how those of us in BDSM can enjoy spanking and even find it erotically stimulating. This is one of my favorite types of play. This is also one of the few types of pain play that can be done by anyone without any extra toys. All you need is your own hands and someone to spank.

    A spanking can be done in any number of positions and is comprised of striking the buttocks and sometimes the upper thighs. There are those who say a spanking is only a spanking if just a hand is used and only buttocks are struck. I'm not one of those. For me, it's the positioning and tone of the session that differentiates it from other types of play. I include the use of paddles, straps, belts, crops and slappers under the heading of spanking. Slippers, rulers and many other toys can also be used. Depending on the position chosen, some toys may be uncomfortable for the spanker to use. Most of the positions place the spankee in a bent over body posture, presenting their bottom to the spanker.

    OTK (over the knee or lap) is the classic spanking position. The spankee lays themselves across the spanker's lap. The spankee's hips should rest on the thigh of the spanker's dominant hand. (right or left depending on which hand is dominant). Their hands can be touching the floor or the rungs of a chair. The spanker should place his arm across the lower back of the spankee, hand holding at the waist and elbow resting comfortably between or beneath the shoulder blades. This stabilizes the spankee and prevents any possible falling off the lap as well as giving the spanker control of the spankee's body to hold him/her in place. This is best done in a straight back chair or in some other place that allows the spanker to sit upright comfortably and support the weight of the spankee. Variances on this position can include placing the legs of the spankee between the legs of the spanker, and having them bend over one thigh. This effectively traps the spankee's legs and prevents kicking or interference. This position also increases the humiliation factor for the spankee. Being over someone's lap to be spanked can be quite humiliating for some people.

    Other positions can include laying face down on a flat surface, elevating the hips (and therefor the buttocks) with pillows, bending over a table or desk, bending over and grasping shins, ankles or knees (this is classic paddling position), and bending over the back of a piece of furniture such as a couch or chair. Whatever the position, the spanker should have easy access to the spankee without having to bend over and with adequate room for what ever he/she is going to use for the spanking.
    Selecting a position is up to the people involved but you may want to consider the following factors when deciding. If this is to be a long session, a more comfortable position for both participants might be a good idea. If this is to be a punishment session you may wish to choose a position that requires the spankee to participate by continuously having to lift his/her buttocks for the next strike.

    The pain of a spanking can last quite some time after the spanking is completed. It is not the strength of the strikes which creates the lasting effect, it is the length of time the session went on. During a spanking, the nerve endings in the buttocks become numb decreasing much of the actual pain. If you are going for pain (as in a punishment for example) you may wish to take periodic breaks between spanking sessions to allow the nerves to come back to life. If you are going for that "lasting glow", you may wish to consider using lighter strikes for a longer period of time or taking breaks as above. If you want to create more sting with your hand, try separating your fingers as you strike, this displaces the sting over a larger area and allows more airflow between the fingers effectively creating more strength behind the blow. Another way is to hold the hand slightly cupped, fingers tightly together and wrist rigid. This creates a sensation similar to a paddle. The endorphins in the body will respond to the pain and create a high for the spankee. Some safety tips, don't strike an area that is white in color or already forming a bruise. This can cause more serious bruising. Alternate the areas you are striking. This creates a wider base of warmth and prevents the nerves from going numb too fast. Do not strike the kidney area.

    Spankings can be very erotic. The heat generated in the buttocks will spread throughout the pelvic area of the spankee. This heat can raise one's passions quickly. A slow spanking, alternating the strength of the blows can be quite arousing. For those who enjoy pain play, this creates a warm up so the harder blows do not feel painful. To increase the arousing effects of a spanking you can do many different things. Some of which are to draw it out, tell the spankee what you are going to do to them, how aroused it will make them, how much you enjoy it. Play it up, slowly position and reposition the spankee. Mix the strikes with other arousing touches, caresses, kisses and even nibbles. Add some toys if you wish to, a vibrating butt plug, vibrating egg, or other things which really turn your partner on. Caress the buttocks with ice, the sharp contrast in sensations can cause many people to become very aroused. Alternate your strikes to include the back of the thighs, inner thighs, sweet spot (where thigh meets the curve of the buttock) and even genitals. (use lighter strikes on the genital area, the nerves there are a lot more sensitive than the buttocks) The OTK position places the clitoris of a female spankee in contact with the thigh of the spanker, this can allow for the woman to become very aroused as she wiggles on the lap therefor stimulating the clitoris.

    After the spanking it is important to follow with the proper after care. Cuddling your partner, or other ways of soothing him or her are useful in helping your partner to come down. A cooling lotion applied to the heated skin can be a great way to soothe your partner, as well as lead into other activities. The proper aftercare can bring the session to a wonderful close and prevent confusion or alienation of the spankee. If the spanking was for punishment, these soothing actions can of course not be done. But eventually the spankee should be made aware that they have been forgiven for the transgression and assured that you still care for them.

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    This is all really great. Thanks a lot.

    Re Videos...

    I am suspicious of 'porn' vids because of the tailoring to camera and general fakery, but I am reminded that I saw a devotee's vid that looked really genuine. That might well ve a good way to go too.

    Thanks again folks!

    Alastor [sign in to see picture]
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    Just a note re the pdf of the blog for anyone else interested...

    It is primarily focussed on scenarios within which discipline occurs rather than any details of the punishent involved or how it might be tailored to individuals or specific goals.

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    An interesting read Scorpius, thank you :)

    Alastor [sign in to see picture]
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    Another note on literary inspiration... Kinky, currently on free Kindle download, has a few nicely portrayed ideas.

    For those so inclined, do have a Spanking-good Christmas. xx

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