1. Advice with using a wand to squirt?

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    Hi all, my OH really wants to squirt, something we haven't acheived yet with a G-spot vibe or other ways sudgested, I have read lots of threads where a wand is recommended for squirting, I have bought OH a LH deluxe mains wand as a surprise and was wondering if anyone has any techniques on how they achieve squirting with a wand that would share with us. Thanks all. X

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    I'm not sure on the wand thing but I have heard that the problem with some women is that it uses the same muscles as urinating so women naturally tense them rather than let them go which prevents squirting. I myself have managed to squirt but only by accident not planned and only about 3 times in the 7 years I've been with my partner. Each time was achieved via multiple orgasms at least 3-4 on them with me squirting on the last one. I think the previous climaxes had gradually allowed the muscles to relax. It was certainly a surprise for us both when it happened the first time. I was young and not aware it could happen and therefore very embarrassed

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    Hi Yes Man,

    For quite while we were like you, and had problems getting that final release. The thing that really made the difference for my OH was a waterproof sheet


    Peace of mind about not wrecking our lovely bed enabled her to relax and release.

    Reading other threads on this, its seems many people achieve the squirt via G-Spot stimulation but for my OH there's a very small area just above and to the right of her clit (and it is literally just), where with something with enough power, she can reach that point very quickly. The tango is best and she can almost squirt on demand with that as it is so easy to pinpoint the spot.


    The wand is too general for her, as it's difficult to pinpoint although it is very intense, and she has also squirted using the g spot attachment on her clit too.


    With this you can have the wand head on the clit area, and the sticky out bit of the attachment internally - might that work.

    I have also read that for some women to actually acheieve the squirt, they need for the thing tickling the g-spot to be removed so there's nothing inside, but as a man I dunno! For your part, I think just listen to her and do as she says to help her get there.

    My OH also finds it easier to squirt at the end or midway through multiple Os, but with practice she has also squirted on the first O/at the start of a long O, and then carried on

    good luck :)


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    I can squirt quite easily from direct g-spot stimulation, but have never squirted with a wand (I have the Doxy and the LH Deluxe) If she is not able to squirt from direct stimultion, I would think it might be even harder to do from just external stimulation. I think the ladies who say they squirt with the wand may just be the lucky few who have exceptionally strong mucles and the rythmic clamping as she has a powerful clit orgasm, causes the g-spot to be squeezed and therefore...you get the picture.

    What I am trying to say is that there is no technique to using a wand on a womans clitoris, that will or will not make a woman squirt. I think it is down to the power of the orgasm achieved while using the wand and I would say a veryyyy small percentage of women would fit into the "being able to squirt while having no direct stimulation to the g-spot" group, considering that only a small percentage (I seem to remember it being about 2 to 5%) of women can squirt (Or "know" how to.) anyway and that is with direct stimulation to the g-spot, I pretty much imagine the elusive squirt without g-spot contact is even rarer than that! Sorry!

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    squirting from a wand alone with no internal g-spot stimulation is possible i did once see it happen in a video clip in my very limited experience of squirting i've found the combination of a period of g-spot/internal stimulation (with possible g-spot orgasm) then clitoral stimulation with a vibrator has worked on me out of nowhere pre-orgasm i've squirted

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    I can normally squirt with a strong vibration on my clit. As for G spot stimulation, vibrations do nothing and its all about pressure. I have a groovy chick and a glass dildo that does the trick for me.
    It's a case of exploring and finding out what works best for your partner. I learnt to squirt first by myself, then showed hubby x

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    I find it easier to make my gf squirt by pulling back the hood of her clit then concentrating a bullet directly on to her clit whilst also licking it with my tongue after a couple of mins she's exploding like a fountain and living every second of it :-).

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    I have just bought the wand and will be trying it tonight! :) *exited*

    I have the same problem, I have a bit of an anxiety about O-ing or cumming. So the control has to be taken from me or I will stop myself right at the last minute. I also agree with the above comment - getting your clean bed/carpet/sofa messy will also be on the back of her mind.

    I really enjoy having a strong bullet held to my clit, I like to masturbate a little before my partner enters me and that's where it becomes intense. He then has to take over using the bullet.
    I would recommend rubbing the wand on her clit rather than holding it and though it's smooth maybe use a little lube. Slowly increase the speed and enter her deep.
    As for getting her to squirt without having sex I recommend good old fashioned fingering(I personally like it fast and hard, but that may not be for her, if not use the 'come at me' stroke with your middle and ring finger ) either lay her on her back, stood up or bent over hold the wand to her clit.

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    i love to squirt

    I can squirt over and over again

    My new bestfriend is my new lovehoney wond.

    I can squirt within 5 mins with this toy.

    just lay back relax put light lube on your clit mmm

    then get your lovehoney wond 1st start on low setting, just hold it on your clit and turn setting up as high as you can take it.....wow wow amazing......try it x

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    I'm defiantly thinking about purchasing a wond for my partner but we have children and I'm worried about the noise factor wot so you's think?

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    It will be fine just put tv on or music so drowns out the sound a bit.

    It sounds like a electic lady shaver when its on low to med speed.

    just say mums shaving her legs dont go in the bedrrom.

    or if they are at school then use it in school hours.

    I have lots of toys and this one is really my best friend now.

    Hope your partner loves it as much as i do

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    I want to join in with her so saying mums shaving her legs may be a problem lol :-) oral plus wond sounds a winner to me

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    you need to make your partner so sexed up by for play. Try stimulating her through oral and manual mastabation until she has reached her peak then keep going , after a while this may not make her squirt straight away keep carring on it will as long if she wants to let go it will happen . You don't need to buy wands or anything else for squirting to happen apart from trust good luck my friend

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    good luck and she will be at her highest hight with you and wond.

    tell her to relax and you only need wond on the clit.

    with your tonge too wow she will be in heaven.

    have fun... xxx

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    The thing that worked best for me was trying it alone first. I covered the bedding in towels and then placed a soft blanket over the top (just so it felt nicer) I was armed with my favourite porn and my fave toy that always enabled me to achieve a fantastic orgasm. It took a while for me to figure out how to let go because it really does feel like you need to pee. After a while I managed it. I attempted it a few more times alone before revealing this to my partner. There was definitely a lot less pressure to "perform" by trying it on my own first xxx

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    yes I think it helps trying it on your own 1st good luck x

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    PVC sheets a must i can't if im worried about soaking bed. That's my first
    Second to be totally relaxed
    I can squirt from internal and external once you get the hang of it and realise it is not pee this should help you enjoy can tell as it doesn't have the urine smell and is clear fulid.
    Id recommend you keep your fluid toped up.
    Try slow play i find i need to release in trunal pressure to allow it to squirt out .there are lots of you tube video on what hour feeling for and how to find. Experiment till you happy i can squirt from external on the right side on my clit seems to be the spot for me as direct clit stimulation can become to much. Every one is different but have fun trying

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