1. what does "average" mean to you?

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    I can tell you from personal experience that being taller than average is not much fun either. I hated standing out in a crowd when i was a young guy, that's why tall people often stoop, it can cause serious neck problems later in life. I'm above average height at 6 foot 2 but have an average size cock, never had any complaints but then i'm no gigolo either lol.

    I bet sales in rip-off penis enlargment pumps, pill's and lotions have rocketed after that article on AOL/HUFF POST appeared though.

    I do think it's sad when decent normal healthy people are being made to feel inadequate because of the standards set by the porn industry and dodgey online articles. It's a good thing we have forums like this one where we can find out what real people actually think about such issues.

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    Quite a refreshing read this thread, just lately I've read a lot of posts (on sites where the women have to get verified so are therefore genuine and not men pretending to be women) saying that size does matter to some degree 'for them'.

    The problem for any of us men with insecurities is that you will never get a definitive answer because each woman is different. I have suffered anxiety for nearly 30 years, been on the brink of suicide because of it too, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger as they say.

    I've never known whether I'm measuring correctly, when I was younger I used to grip it firmly at the base to make sure maximum blood was pumped into the penis before measuring, some people might call this 'bone pressed' or in my case 'bone pressed on steroids' due to my desire to make sure I tick the 'I'm alright' box. In reality, my real measurement was probably a half inch or maybe a full inch less when not straining it to the maximum.

    The largest measurement I took was 6 and a quarter length, by 4.5 inches around the thickest part, but I always noticed I looked smaller while laying on my back in bed, so would therefore strangle the base of my cock whenever in bed with a female so they don't see the shorter version.

    In reality I was not being true to myself, I am 42 now, put on more weight, and starting to have the odd episode of 'slight' erectile dysfunction where it takes a little more effort to get things going, perhaps not helped by many years of compulsive masturbation while addicted to the dopamine high off watching porn. At the extreme end I would masturbate up to 6 times a day.

    I am currently 4.5 inches long on average, but can 'bone press' it higher and still reach up to 5.5 on a good day, only 5 on others, but really, I think I'm 4.5 minimum, and I've lost a quarter of an inch of my former 4.5 around girth too, a circumference I was never really happy with in the first place.

    I knew a lot of guys when I was young with fat penises, long one's too, I was late reaching puberty and noted some vast differences in penis and testicle sizes. I was cheated on by some of young first loves, all of which were with guys that were more well endowed, the largest being around 8 and 9 inches and thick, these factors made me feel I can’t please a woman, I decided to stay single because love seemed to hurt, and before I knew it, many years passed.

    I've been single since I was 20, so that’s 22 years on my own, don't get me wrong, some parts of being single are great, but the loneliness remains year after year. I had sex in Thailand for a few years when I was age 30 onwards, even those ladies told me I was small compared to other men they had been with from around the world.

    I have lacked confidence and beat myself up for decades, but I have gained more acceptance of what I am and that I can't change anything, I even tried a bath mate penis pump out of desperation but that was a disaster as it only increased my flaccid size and ruined my erections in the process, making them even smaller.

    I would be willing to do whatever it takes to please a woman however, and do/would not feel threatened if a woman wants to use toys to help things along, especially if I met a woman who enjoys vaginal orgasms and need girth in particular. I'm not too proud to use a strap on for instance.

    But thank you to the ladies who have made me feel small may not be so bad after all, especially Fluffbags.

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    Three pages of discussion on the distribution of penis size and not a single use of the phrase "bell curve"?

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    Woodworker wrote:

    Three pages of discussion on the distribution of penis size and not a single use of the phrase "bell curve"?

    Just to keep you happy =NORMDIST(A1,5.877,0.825,TRUE) If you know how to use Excel, you know what that tells you.

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