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  1. [tip] How to make sex better while wearing a condom

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    Was looking through the front page of reddit and spotted this which sounds interesting!

    'When you are about to have sex, put a drop of water based lubricant into the top of the inside of the condom. Then put the condom on and squeeze the remaining air left. Now you are ready to have some fun! The lube in the top of the condom will give a pleasant and natural sensation for the wearer during sex. '

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    i find condoms a nightmare cause of my size the ones that fit are to thick to give me any sensation and the ones that are thin just shred on application the stupid thing is im not that big but this lube idea sounds intresting might make things a little more effective

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    Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

    Actually.... That doesn't sound like a bad idea!

    I don't have a penis though, and I don't use condoms because I'm allergic to something in them most of them seem to have... But, yeah, sounds like it could work!

    But would it not increase the probability of it breaking/tearing? (Sorry for potentially sounding stupid, but I don't have much experience with condoms.)

    I have heard of this tip before (Can't remember where) but I think, rather than upping the risk of it tearing, it actually reduces the risk of tearing. (Because everything is slippy rather than dry and pulling on the condom) of course, it does increase the risk of slipping, but this is also part of the point. As long as the condom is attached properly at the base and not "too" much lube is used, then using water-based lube inside the tip, helps the condom to slide back and forth over his foreskin/glans and his glans can now move a little too (rather than being trapped still by the latex) this obviously adds more sensation for him as his foreskin moves more like it would naturally inside the woman.

    You just have to make sure that A) You don't use gallons of lube (Which would just squish up the sides of the condom and make the whole thing slide off B) Keep an eye out, for any slipping, as the risk is probably increased and C) ONLY use water based lubes. Oils/petroleum based products, baby oil etc are damaging to latex and can cause the condom to weaken and tear.


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    But I thought most comdoms have lube inside them anyway couldn't that be the same?

    Again like AA I've hardly ever used condoms as they really hurt me.

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    Most condoms are almost always lubricated by default but give it 15 seconds of wearing it and they soon lose it, so i tend to coat myself in lube before putting on a condom. Slippier the better. Course, hate wearing condoms but needs must. Always feel too restrictive on me, like my schlong is being crushed.

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    It does work. Used to hate wearing condoms a few years ago till I tried this trick and it really made it much more pleasurable. Lucky I've had the snip so now I don't need to wear one unless it's a group thing.
    Mr Badger.

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    Think I'll be buying some water based lube then

    Kasey [sign in to see picture]
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    Dr-Doggin wrote:

    Think I'll be buying some water based lube then

    Just in case you haven't heard, the lovehoney ones are great :)

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    We don't use them together but he use them for swinging, and for many years has been using Trojan Ecstasy. Extract from the description -

    "Men who endorse this condom say the unique design makes for a more enjoyable sexual experience. Textured for abundant stimulation for both partners, the comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience. While it is tapered at the base for a more secure fit, the head of the condom is large and rounded which provides the sensation of wearing no condom at all."

    They really work and don't give that tight feeling you get from many condoms. You can get them in normal and magnum (larger) sizes. They're lubricated inside and out.

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    I've been doing this for ages.

    It does increase the risk of slipping but it has never happened to me just keep an eye out and don't over do the lube.

    I usually give him an hj with lube and then put one small squirt of lube inside the condom put it on him then cover the outside of the condom with more lube as I hate them but needs must.

    I use Durex lube- I have both the normal one and the pina colada one for oral.

    I love lube except when it makes opening condom packets difficult or when it goes all over my pillows having been on my hands!

    My one major piece of advice regarding condoms is make sure you squeeze the tip as you roll it down to take the air out as if you don't it will burst- happened to me my first time when he put it on and didn't hold the tip as he rolled it down.

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