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  1. The snip

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    I had it done a couple of years back too.

    The one thing I would say is that the two week recovery is really a minimum, and you shouldn't be looking to get too active for around another week or two after. You also need really supportive pair of pants - I actually ended up wearing swimming Speedos as otherwise the wound kept opening up, but then I did jump straight back on my bike after two weeks!

    Otherwise, couldn't recommend enough for all the reasons above.

    truegrace [sign in to see picture]
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    Only thing I would say is make sure you are fully numb.

    Felt nothing for the initial cut, but wasn't quite numb enough when they snipped the tube and can still feel how much it hurt just by thinking about it!

    Don't let that put you off though, as I generally need 2 injections as the dentist for a filling, so think its just me!

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    I had the snip 12 years ago, didnt affect any part of my sex life, no loss of libdo at all, was only out of action for a few weeks too. Procedure was alot less painful than i expected too.

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    Had mine done a couple of years ago. if your sure its what you want it really was dead easy little uncomfortable for a couple of days then fine. Back in action after a couple of weeks no more uncomfortable than a trip to the dentist.Everyone likes to tell you horror stories but excuse the pun they are talking Bolxxcks!!

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    I had it done about 8 years ago after we'd had our 2 children. My wife has never been on contraception and wasn't keen on the pill, so we were using condoms which neither of us liked very much.

    Being older parents (we were both mid 30's when the 1st one arrived & nearly 40 by thetime of the second) we knew that more than 2 would be risking all the usual problems for older mothers and so we agreed that the snip was the way we were comfortable with going.

    Can't remember too much about the actuyal proceedure except I could feel him tugging around a bit down there. I seem to think I was tender for a few days and that I had to submit a couple of samples for testing before I was given the all clear from firing live ammo.

    The only thing that I was a little concerned about was the rumours that it could cause issues later in life and whilst I haven't had any issues as such so far I do find that I don't seem to produce so much semen anymore.

    Now I'm not sure if it's related to having the snip or just that I'm getting older but this does bother me a bit for some reason.

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    I had the snip about 5yr ago I siad that I would have it done as it was unfair to expect her to take the pill. I had a male doctor with a female nurse and they just chatted about the tennis that was on the radio while they done the op. Didnt suffer any serrious discomfort more a dull ache as the local wore off. You have to wear tight underpants afterwards to help keep everthing in place.

    It took me a few days before I felt like I needed to wank and you have to provide 2 samples about six weeks after its done to make sure its all clear.

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    My wife, bless her got sterilised at 30, instead of me, we had to fight to have it done, at such a "young age" but as we had, one-of-each, they relented!

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