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    Ork wrote:

    I think most people don't smell it because it's part of them, they get used too it during, etc... but there are times, you can just smell something has happened, use febreeze people!

    PPD, I know from experience anal can get smelly, no female required Joking aside, I do tend to notice the Maximus anal lube smell quite a bit, but perhaps women let off pheromones or something?

    Sorry for us men it is just the smell of vaginal juice especially as it dries. There will be pheromones in it as well. As I have posted before the ladies can see her man's excitement and see his orgasm. This why we like squirting. But vaginal juice tells you you are pleasing your woman. Because we men are more physical in sexuality pussy juice gives them all smell, taste, see, feels and hear it as pump in and out..

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    Sorry for the bump - just found this thread.

    I reall love the smell of sex, and the way it lingers afterwards - especially when I come back into the bedroom afterwards, or wake up in the morning, and I smell it - the smell of our sex - and it instantly arouses me.

    It is a real smell, absolutely - the main element is the smell of the woman's orgasm.

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    I just love the smell of sex and fortunately so does the OH. We don't see each other often enough, so when I leave she prefers to stay in bed so the smell lingers. Recently I texted her as I was on my way over to ask her to make herself come before I got there. When I went down on her the scent of her having come was so mindblowing

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    I think it smells amazing just afterwards but the next morning, it's just so strong and I really don't like it!

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    Yes, it's lovely to lie there hot and sticky; TBH, the smell is probably what gets me horny again. But the next morning we both need a shower- even if that tends to lead to more sex.

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    I don't think I have ever really smelled anything particularly nice after. I like the smell of my partner, in every way, her hair, her perfume, her sex. But afterwards I just enjoy being next to her, holding her in my arms. I wouldn't give up that perfect moment for anything.

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    PinkPolkaDot wrote:

    Isn't the smell of sex just sweat, a woman's juices and sperm? Its not that nice to be honest and David maybe you don't notice it cos there's no natural woman lubrication involved when you do it? Just a theory, but I'm pretty sure the smell is predominantly a woman.

    That was what I assumed. It's that lubey, spermy juices. Doesn't really thrill me. I'm with SumSub

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    I don't have explanation of the scent, but it's not just sweat and sperm. Sometimes especially having sex after shower there is some kind of honeyish odour in the room. Warm and fresh skin, mixed fluids. I love that that sweet smell, like it's full on endorphines. It won't make me horny anymore in this point, it makes me loving and happy

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    Sometimes lift her hips and put a pillow there so she cums on it and flip it over to sleep on. Smells nice in the morning.

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    My partner often tells me if his room or his bed still smell of me/my juices hours after we've played, to tease and try to embarrass me (it usually works). He seems to enjoy the reminder, though, even though it sometimes distracts him from sleep.

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    I love the smell of sex, when me & oh have had sex in the morning or a quick lunch time one and I can smell the sex on me all day, everytime I go the bathroom I can smell him!! lol I love it

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    Last summer we played with another couple in a caravan on a naturist site. Not long after we'd finished we were sitting having a drink when a nearby caravanner knocked on the door to ask some question about site facilities. We let him in and he suddenly smiled and said "no need to ask what you've all been doing - that smell gives you away!" We weren't aware there was any smell.

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