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  1. in the middle of the night when your OH is asleep do you like to have play?

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    My OH sleeps naked, so it's always a temptation, but I know what she is like if I wake her up!, plus like most women, she wraps herself up after stealing all the covers.. so I don't get many chances..She has had very sexy dreams though, and dreampt she came, when I was playing with her nipples one night, so I might suggest I get too play at night more often :-)

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    some of these stories made me laugh!
    As far as I know no he doesn't. But on occasion ive woken up with a sore bum or fanny so I dunno, maybe! lol!!
    Hubby wants me to wake him for sex, thats his fantasy lol!
    I feel bad because he actually gets up really early so the last thing I want is to wake him up!
    Im not a massive morning person lol I prefer sex at night or on fridays when hes off and kids are at school!

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    I'd certainly not object if OH woke me up in the middle of the night.

    However on the odd occasion where i've tried including those when i've been asleep...the results are NOT good. :-)

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    I'm going to throw a complete spanner in the works and say I absolutely hate this! It's never happened with my hubby, but an ex of mine I was seeing would always try something when I as asleep, and quite frankly, I found it creepy and a little offensive!

    Sex is a very intimate and personal thing, and to me, having a grope and a fondle whilst i'm asleep is like going into my room and reading my diary or something. Sure it's nice to feel desired and wanted, but when i'm asleep, leave me be!

    But if it works for you, and both parties don't mind, then keep at it - it's just not something I enjoy.


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    Pinkanimal tablet won't let me quote post at the mo.
    Had to laugh at you post , sore Fanny and bum. Make sure hubby hasn't got a bottle of chloroform in amongst the toys ;)

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