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    I'm looking for some good lube, atm we are using the durex tingle and feel along with ky minty tingle massage lube ( which is lovely but tastes nasty!)

    Hubby occasionally is a bit trigger happy ( normally after the usual week off and I'm a bit dry) and feels like the tingle lube especially, makes him last as long as he wants.

    The durex lubes tend to go a bit sticky and dry so if I put some on him to "warm him up" , we need a 2nd application just on his head before he enters me.

    I've seen the durex delay lube ( LH seem to be the only people selling it - which seems quite odd for it not to be on the actual durex site?) - I don't want to make him numb though! I don't think it would taste too nice and you seem to have to apply it a few mins before penetration - I could use that to my advantage though!.

    I fancy the warming lubes, I've tried the vielle stimulating gel and it gets very warm and gets me very wet very quickly, Hubby's concerned that they may feel a little "too" nice for him, if you get my drift.

    The mentholly lubes seem to work for him and I'm not bothered about fruity flavours - as long as they taste ok.

    What are peeps' fave lubes??

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