1. anyone turned on by idea of receving bukkake?

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    We watched a bukake video and my wife thought it was degrading and exploitative, not her thing at all. I do agree with her that it places the woman as the victim. A facial within a loving relationship is something intimate to be shared in the moment but the ritual ejaculation my many men over a woman’s body is catering for a minority taste in my opinion. 

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    MattB wrote:

    Huge turn on for me - have one organised for next Tuesday so hopefully I'll take plenty of loads!

    Nice one MattB. That sounds hot. You'll have to let us know how it goes 😁😋
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    It’s an absolutely huge fantasy for me

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    I'd love to see my wife be the centre of attention and receive a bukkake. Some great photos/videos of this on the amateur facials website. Can't imagine she'd ever do it but do wonder if she'd find the idea of it a turn on.

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    Why not provided all participants are willing 

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    It's been a huge fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember. That and to have my arse filled with cum. I know they're only done In porn but in my head I'd love to be the girl in the middle of it

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    Peakcouple wrote:

    Absolutely not!  As experinced swingers, we've never seen bukkake; the occasional pull-out but never anything more.  It's just a porn fantasy, mainly for men.  

    I would have assumed that. But quite evidently it's not exclusively a male porn fantasy, since there are a few women in this thread who fantasise about it.

    (It certainly makes for great porn, as it's pure visual spectacle. Having said that, I've seen some bukkake videos where they get a teaspoon and start scooping up the excess partway through. Good lord, what a mood killer.)

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    As Marc of London said why not, it's good to watch and take part in

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    I've seen one at uni. A girl wanted one for her birthday, and there were loads of men to oblige.

    Have to admit it didn't do much for me, but she certainly enjoyed herself. I much prefer cum in me that on me.

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