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  1. Coming in a different position

    Athemistia [sign in to see picture]
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    Right, straight to the point. I've only ever been able to come with me on top, in a more rocking than thrusting motion. This is obviously to with pressure on my clit as well as penetration. I've never been able to come from a tongue, despite many attempts and many clearly skilled partners, it's just not enough pressure for me, or from someone else hands. But generally I was only ever able to come through penetrative sex. I managed to teach myself to come on my own, first with a vibrator and then with my hands only a few years ago (I'm 25). Not sure why I've had such a problem, I've been sexually active and very confident about it for a long time, just seem to have a frustratingly unresponsive body. I need to be very aroused, with porn, to masterbate. I can't arouse myself at all or do it from memory, but I'm working on it! But this is more background knowledge, sorry I ramble!

    Basically what I want is to be able to come in different positions, other than me on top. I obviously need clit stimulation as well so I've tried touching myself and using a vibrator whilst we have sex but it doesn't seem to feel right. Best I can explain it is the skin around my clit is being pulled by a penis being inside me so my clit is less prominent. My clit is quite small so I need a lot of access to it, for want of a better term! Have tried angling my partnet into a position where he's pushin against my clit when hes on top but its still never quite in the right place.

    Any ideas or suggestions anyone? Sorry for the unnecessarily long post!

    jouster [sign in to see picture]
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    I wonder if something like this:

    would put sufficient pressure on your clit in missionary? I'd lube the clitoral stimulator up and leave it turned off, since vibration doesn't feel right. There are lots of other similar rings on here, I just chose this one to illuatrate the point.

    Xx-katie [sign in to see picture]
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    I would definitely recommend using a cock ring they really are brilliant. We've used these & they're amazingly cheap perfect for trying new things.

    I'm sure once the lovely people on this forum see your post they'll hit you with some amazing advise :)

    Mr Grey [sign in to see picture]
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    A position i would recommend for you is basically go into missionary position and then bring your legs together with your partners legs outside of yours. Penetration will be shallower but he can rock upwards putting pressure on your clit.

    Also maybe try a pussy pump to increase sensitivity and heighten the feel of any touch.

    Something me and my OH have just started using during sex is the We Vibe 3 sold on here. Although expensive it is very pleasurable for both partners!
    Hope this helps,
    Mr Grey

    Cornish89 [sign in to see picture]
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    How about you lying on your back with your legs up over your partners shoulders and him rocking inside you whilst rubbing your clit or using a bullet on it? X


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    I agree with everyone else a cock ring would be good. Maybe something like this?

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