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  1. Tattoos..your opinions?

    mybadx [sign in to see picture]
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    hornyteen wrote:

    After watchin countless episodes of maimi ink though, I wanted my next couple to be personal to me.

    I love that show!! I said to my OH if i wasnt scared of flying i would love to go over there and get them to do one for me. There work is amazing and some of the detail in there tattoos i have never seen here before

    sexi sami89 [sign in to see picture]
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    i love miami ink amazingly my mum got me hooked on it but i know tons of people with tats, i also have one on my shoulder although its nice i regret the place i had it done as i recently deiced i wanted another but cant have it where i want :(
    i love tats on a guy but only if there muscly as scrawny guys do not look hot in the slightest with tats. as said in other posts arm tats on muscly guys look hot. chest tats too but not random. i like tribal tats that cover the tops of arms. nut in genral i like tats on hot muscly guys.

    angelarwen [sign in to see picture]
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    I like Miami Ink too. Those artists are so incredibly talented.

    I'm getting quite annoyed at the minute as the one I had on my wrist 2 weeks ago just looks crap now. When it was first done it looked good but you can never totally tell until it settles down a bit. I've got to wait a couple more weeks before I can have it touched-up and in the meantime it's driving me crazy, just looks really unprofessional. I'm not even going back to the same place to get a free touch-up; I'd rather pay and get it done somewhere else. I find it totally mind-boggling because the place I had it done has good reviews and is in a good area, so I think I was just really unlucky. I'm a perfectionist and I just can't deal with looking at something that's not right all the time.

    angelarwen [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for the advice Carly. I completely take it on board, but the problems I've got are not due to fading/rubbing and are very definitely the artist's fault.

    There are several areas which were apparent as soon as I took the dressings off where she has 'slipped' quite significantly with the needle, meaning the design looks very messy. The lines are wobbly (I can say this for certain as the lines have now completely settled so it's not just the effects of healing) and she even missed out a bit of colour (it's all black but I mean the shading within the outline). I was willing to wait and see if she'd done that on purpose to adapt the design as she did change a couple of things, but now that the tattoo has healed it just looks ridiculous.

    I don't dare go back because I can see her botching it even more and it's me that has to look at it for the rest of my life so I'd rather get it done right.

    Sexy?Pink [sign in to see picture]
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    Another miami ink fan here!! Chris Nunez and Ami James - OH. MY. GOD. (What I wouldnt do to those two.....if I wasnt married hahaha!)

    Years ago I got a little chinese symbol at the bottom of my back, I love it and wanted to jazz it up a bit so I got 2 butterflies on either side of it, (facing inwards to my chinese symbol so they are both side on if you see what I mean!). I got the wings done pink as its my fave colour and the tattooist went over my little symbol then added pink round it, so it all looks like the one design. I really love my tattoo, the only thing is when I touch it, it feels ever so slightly raised, apparantly it means he leant the needle a bit too hard when he was doing it, but it doesnt look bothched by any means.

    I really want another tattoo, im toying with either a wrist or foot tattoo.

    angelarwen [sign in to see picture]
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    The wrist really didn't hurt as much as I'd expected Sexy?Pink. I hear the foot is one of the most painful places though. Think I'll leave that for now and see if I need the space! Yours sounds nice

    sexi sami89 [sign in to see picture]
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    thanks for the advice carly, although i like the one on my shoulder but i really wanted angel wings on my blades but the other tat is in the way lol. so instead am gonna get one on my wirst instead and maybe my ankle not sure yet though am still deciding on wat i want. dont wanna rush it x

    mama [sign in to see picture]
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    as a tattoo artist i'm biased and of course i love tattoos... my advice would be get custom work, choose your artist carefully, give them as much free rain as poss, you'll get the best work, go big, lots of little tatts don't look as good as one carefully thought out piece, if your in any doubt... don't do it... your not ready yet...

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    I have 4 tattoos 2 on my back one on my hip and one on my wrist, i like tattoos on men

    MmeKitty [sign in to see picture]
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    As pieces of art, and the good ones really are amazing art, I think they're beautiful. But I'm afraid I do find them a bit of a turn-off sexually. OH has one on his upper arm, it's hangol writing and the daft sod can't even remember what it says so clearly it was a *really* special phrase, not. I have a secret temptation to biro in little faces on the characters whilst he's asleep.

    But I do like Miami Ink, I admire their ability to envisage the whole picture and the way midway through it looks like random lines of ink and yet by the end is a staggeringly good piece of art.

    sweetlove666 [sign in to see picture]
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    i really want one. the design idea i have is for the back of my legs. its like a bow at the top, just about where my stocking tops come. then ribbons going down my legs crossing over and entwined with roses. then it curls round to my foot and theres a bluebird holding the ribbon in its beak. problem is the career i want (law) means id have to be careful with visible tatoos. plus it'd be my first one so it might be a bit too much, and id need to trust the artist.

    i love miami and LA ink the way they can take an idea form someone just describing it and then turn it into something amasing

    'mouse [sign in to see picture]
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    I have one on my lower stomach (just below my belly button), it's a celtic symbol called a luckenbooth and is taken from a necklace my Grandma gave me when I was a kid. Haven't seen this particular design on any walls or anything - yet! I'm currently considering two others - a claddagh on my lower back and a barbed wire garter. I love 'em, but also like to have them somewhere where I can choose whether to show them or not.

    OperationFilth [sign in to see picture]
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    Have to say, while I adore the work the guys at LoveHate do (the studio featured in Miami Ink), even if I was rich I don't think I'd pay their prices... Also you can't book with a particular person - you just get given 'someone'. So that could be garver... or yoji... :P lol.

    I know a fantastic artist local to me, has worked on most of my mates and did the wings on my bf's back sp whenever i get round to starting my inkwork, i know where im going.

    As for tatts, theyre hot... (I do wish they wouldnt block megan fox's tatts out in transformers... lol)

    Vampyrewillow [sign in to see picture]
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    i had a very strange dream where i got two dragons and lots of tribal art coming across from my back and ending just above my breasts, whilst it looked amazing in my dream, it's a bit too far than i would tend to go in real life, but i have woken up with such a craving for a tattoo, i have zero at the minute, but plan to get a fair few when i'm in permanent employment. i adore tattoo's i think they're sexy and beautiful, as long as they are done by proper artists, i would be willing to shell out a few extra quid to make sure something that was permanently on my body was amazing.

    my fiance will be getting a fair few tattoo's as well when we have the money ad i can't wait i just think they are so sexy!!

    i love tribal art on boys, and delicate feminine tribal for girls, not into the whole dolphin, flower, butterfly girly thing, but i'm not very girly at all myself

    GrayMatter [sign in to see picture]
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    I've designed mine myself, which is slightly annoying as they're very distinct. It means that when I was taking pictures of myself to put on the photo blog, I realised it'd be very obvious as to who I was if someone I knew was also a member. I know the odds are small, but stranger things have happened.

    Also, my pictures were rubbish. The light in my flat is dreadful.

    SassyKat [sign in to see picture]
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    I have a quite large butterfly on the base of my spine which i always joke is there to give the man something nice to look at when im on my hands and knees! Obviously id like to think they'd be more likey to be gazing at my ass but the thought is there!

    I really like tattoos, they're like stories of the skin and have stories behind them...if i see a bit poking out i always have to ask....weird tho as no man ive actually been out with has ever had one and i think the right ones are very sexy....must try harder!


    Frev [sign in to see picture]
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    I only want one tattoo and thats above and below one of my scars on my leg.

    I have 4 x 6 inch scars on my shins where they had to be fixed after they went a little wrong lol. On one of them they didnt get the staples in properly so when they came out it ruptured after a few days and stung a bit. They also had to change the mechanics of my knees with a bit of keyhole. But after a few years I'm now fixed, and for me to draw a line under it but without forgetting it I would love somthing to mark these for me.

    For that I want a zip to be above and below my scar, in a style where it almost ruptures from the skin itself and closes at the bottom.

    For me what I want is very specific and I havn't seen much work around that I think is of the type I want, and for somthing that specific I haven't seen many peoples work of a style or a standard that I think would give me exactly what I'm after. So until I see that I will be remaining without ink

    Duane [sign in to see picture]
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    I wasn't really sure about tattoos (being sexy) until after my girlfriend got one and before seeing it I was rather unsure about it then I saw it, personally I thought it was sexy as soon as I saw it ^__^

    Not sure if I'd call it a turn on as I'm scared I'll ruin it wheneverrubbing or bitting her back lol

    Thinking about one myself but not as big as hers =P

    DesignDude [sign in to see picture]
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    I love tattoos! I have 2 but unfortunately they are both awful lol! bad decisions at bad times in bad places!

    i think some tattoos are really really sexy! i like the one's that follow the curves of womens bodies! not so keen on the chavvy one's that people have above their waist line on the back though! deffo not keen on random celebrity faces and weird stuff like that!

    if anyone is considering getting one i would say make sure you research the best person for the job and check out their work before making a decision, don't go by other people's opinions! Also plan your tattoo a few months before getting it done to make sure you like the design and don't go off it after a few weeks! Doing things spur of the mement is great fun but when you are permanently marked at the end of it and you don't like it, its not so much fun!

    obv you can be lasered or get a cover job done both of those require more money and pain!

    Malteser81 [sign in to see picture]
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    Tattoos r a personal thing... u either love them or hate them. I had a couple when I was younger and they were just because I could and now I dont like those and want them removed. I now have one on my forarm which is my birth sign and the fact that im a scorpio and can be quite a viken in bed I and my OH find it sexy. For our first anniversary we will both be getting half of a chinese tattoo that reads forever which will symbolise our eternal bond (without branding ourselves, been there done that and getting it removed... see above! lol), will move on to having my girls names on my wrist and then another on my foot. I find them beautiful and somthing to be proud of. They can tell stories and I admire them.

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