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  1. Multiple orgasms

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    Thanks to the advice you guys have posted on here I have picked up new tips and with practice mastered some of them. One thing that I haven't worked out. How do you give a woman multiple orgasms when, after the first she is too sensitive to be touched any more?

    Is a multiple many thar roll into one or just many in one session?

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    It depends how each person views "multiple orgasms" There are different multiple orgasms, if that makes sense. G-spot orgasms are probably the most common type of multiple orgasms, then some people class multiple clitoral orgasms as multiples if they have more than one in a night, but there has been time to get over that sensitive period and "start again" towards another orgasm. Then there is the more elusive multiple orgasm which I think you are speaking of. The one where the clitoris does not go so sensitive and straight after one orgasm, you can carry on stimulating the clitoris and another orgasm comes, and another, and another, in very quick succession.

    I think the multiple orgasm version you are thinking of is rarer than multiple g-spot orgasms or even multiples in one night. I think the ladies who can have the multiple clitoral orgasms one after another within minutes, are lucky lucky ladies. I have never had one of those unless I really push for it with the wand vibrator but there is always a few minutes, at least, between each orgasm.

    Lots of women can't have that continuous stream of clitoral orgasms. Many of us are too sensitive after the first, or just have never figured out how to do it. Maybe a lot of us can't do it, because if it was that easy, I am sure we would all be experiencing them often. I kind of look at this type of multiple orgasm as a rare treat. A mind blowing one off, that you did not expect and came out of nowhere, with little idea how to recreate it. lol

    G -spot multiples, and continuing again after she is less sensitive allowing her to build up to another orgasm during one evening....these I consider more realistic...for me anyway. But sometimes even these are not easy, or possible, if I am not in the right mood.

    Some of us just are not multi orgasmic women.

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    i only ever have 1 orgasm. it has never caused me any distress!

    I am the way i am, i feel fully satisfied after 1.

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    I am yet to experience a g-spot orgasm only so can't comment on that. However, regarding clitoral orgasms, not only is every woman different so there is no general technique to make us orgasm multiple times, but also some of us can have multiple orgasms and some of us can't. Personally, I find that only occasionally after my first clitoral orgasm - about 5-10 minutes - I can have another, but this only happens occasionally depending on my mood and environment amongst other factors.

    Like BDSM though, I'm fully satisfied after one.

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    I think I can add to this even though I'm male.
    as people has said above, everyone is different, but what works for us, is a clitoral o first, then straight into something penetrative, and sometimes but not always, my partner has continual o's one after the other. I think success depends on finding the g spot. we have found glass and the magic wand g spot attachment particularly effective :)
    Hope you find a way of getting the o you're after!

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