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  1. New to Waxing

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    So having a look around (Sometimes I hate being new) I can see there are threads about waxing & shaving, but sometimes people have new views on things & whatnot...

    I'm a 22 yr old female. Never waxed before, not even my legs. Not even my eyebrows. I'd only ever shaved. And I think I done a pretty good job shaving everything off, you know, down below.

    Anyway, I bought a sugar waxing kit as I wanted to go as bare as I could, to start again and going to a waxing place isn't for me (I'm a shy girl & I swear my bits look awful) after realising I was a little bit on the hairy side, I trimmed and got my bikini line done. Ouch!

    Well there's the background (sorry for rabbiting), here's the questiony part.

    I'm bruised! All over but I want to finish the rest. Have I gone wrong? Tips and tricks would be great? Or links to other threads.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Also, am I odd for not having done this before?

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    The first day I went for a wax my waxer told me that you need to pull the skin that you are waxing very tight to avoid bruising. I've never bruised. The best way to do it is put your plays over your ovaries and pull up. This is proably more difficult if you're waxing yourself so I guess just make sure its as tight as you can get it.

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    im pretty sure your bits dont look awful ,each to thier own with regards levels of hairyness but if your bruised from waxing sounds like you could have done it wrong lol , or maybe your skin is just extra sensitive ,cant really offer advice as i dont wax but my OH does and she has never bruised red prickles for a day or 2 tho xx

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    My OH has just started getting a regular wax (not done it herself though), and the process hasn't resulted in any bruising or significant reddening.

    I really think you'll have a much better experience and end-result by getting a professional to do it. Don't worry about what your lady bits look like; I'm sure they see all sorts, they're not going to comment or judge, and anyway, all ladies' bits are different but equally beautiful.

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    when pulling the wax strip off you need to pull the skin taught and pull the wax strip off quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth and apply after wax lotion or aloe vera and you won't get bruising if you are sensitive there are sensitive wax formulations or you could try a cold wax like nads or cut your wax strips smaller and wax a smaller area at a time

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    Hi, I am a beautician and you def have done the waxing wrong. Maybe a bit red after, but you should not bruise!

    Even though I am a beautician, I do not wax myself for this reason, I go to a salon.

    Doing your bikini line, you need to use Brazillian Hot wax, which traps the hair in the wax, not the same wax you use for your legs when trapping the hair onto a paper strip. It causes hardly any discomfort with the brazillian wax and gets all the short hairs out.

    Beauticians are trained to do this and we don't look at your lady bits. A brazillian can be done with keeping your panties on, or a full hollywood, even most of the time you dont have to take them off, just make sure they are not tight, so can be easily moved about so we can get full access.

    When booking your apt, make sure you ask them if they use Brazillian hot wax for bikini area's as alot of salons dont, and really it's not a pleasent experience. They can range in price anywhere for £12 - £30, but please, please check this first. If they dont, then try another salon.

    Dont worry about it, thats what we are trained to do

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    Here's anoth option... What are you going to wax or get waxed? Half Leg, Full Leg, Bikini etc

    and then how often your going to get it done and for how many years.... work this all out and the cost and then look at Laser Hair removal.....

    My wife has had her bikini, legs and armpits done and loves it, never has the pain of waxing, legs always ready for skirts

    I love the bikini line....

    Just a thought

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