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  1. New to stap ons. 1st time advice?

    KateR [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi everyone!
    (First of, I am new to the whole sex toys in the bed room, never mind using a strap on!)

    Recently my partner brought up that he wanted me to use a strapon on him, to say the least, I was a bit shocked at first, but I am open minded and I am madly in love with this man.
    So soon enough, we took the plunge & ordered a strap on.

    I would just like to know what to expect or what not to expect /do's & donts ect.. for the first time?
    Would be much appreciated! <3
    Thank you ! :)

    Gyrator53 [sign in to see picture]
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    Welcome Kate!

    I guess the first thing to say is that patience and a sense of humour are handy characteristics to have if you want to get into pegging - that and a very large supply of lube. I guess it also matters how much your partner has been into anal play before. Has he, for example, been into using butt plugs or prostate massages before. If not, it may be worth his considering getting a butt plug or a graded set of them to help him cope with the sensations. Lets face it, the only reason we normally get a feeling of fullness down there is because we need the loo, so if he has not used a butt plug etc before then chances are that will be the first thing he feels. Wearing a plug for an increasing time until he can cope with one for an hour or so will help overcome that and have him start to feel the pleasure that can be had from an occupied anus!

    Another thought is that of preparation, You might both feel more confident that there are not going to be any unfortunate accidents to intrude on your fun if he uses a douche say an hour or so beforehand.

    The next thing is, especially during penetration, let him set the pace. It's more a matter of letting him impale himself on your dildo than your pushing it into him. Let him tell you if he wants it deeper, or faster etc. And remember that it is quite impossible to use too much lube.

    Don't expect him to have an explosive orgasm first time out. It will take time (even if he has had some practice with a butt plug) to get used to the sensations. Also, don't expect to be an expert driver of the dildo first time out either. Without the aid of nerves in it the dildo puts you at a disadvantage to a guy driving a cock so it will take practice.

    Trust me - it is worth all the trouble in the end.

    KateR [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello! :)
    Thank you so much for the reply and advice!
    very helpful and reassuring words! , Has calmed my nerves somewhat...
    Nice to have a friendly reply to! I did not know what I was expecting when I posted ....

    I will keep in mind what you have said & hopefully things aren’t to much of a disaster!


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