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    Ecksvie wrote:

    I've just made a really long blog post about all the stuff to do with my bisexuality. I didn't realise it was so long and complicated!


    I will be reading this when I get 5 mins! :D xxx

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    I really dont know what started my intrest in men as well as women i think that it has always been a part of me i find women both sexy and fun but i also find men sexy and a turn on i had my first experience in my teens but even tho i enjoy sex with men i could never be gay as i enjoy sex with women too much to give it up alltogether

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    i'm not sure you would say i'm bi, but i have tried both, and with men the sex is ok, not done it much. but i know i prefer women much more. not sure its how i have grown up with how bi men are portrayed, but i always at the back of my mind, i'm thinking is this wrong and is this me.

    ah well life is for experimenting any way. thats why i have bought osome things off here

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