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  1. Need help with creating a forfit

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    Not sure if this is a forfit, but we have games where the winner/loser has to go on top

    Another one which we haven't done for ages is that the winner gets to choose what the other persons wears when we next go out together. She normally would pick one of my thongs, I get her to wear a 1/4 cup bra that I know will show off her nipples or something revealing that shows of wifeys wonderful breasts.

    I think we will have to revise this, now that our garden is 95% shielded from prying eyes, I can see that we will have the loser walking around naked.

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    Cook dinner and by personal maid for a day in winner's outfit of choose. So anything from a sexy maid to a rubber duck on your head :') x


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    Probably quite tame compared with some suggestions but when we do forfeits we become a servant for the day for the other part. Her wearing a maids outfit and myself butler shorts with cuffs and a bow tie ( LH stripping kit) .

    It tends to get sexualised much more later and obviously our son has to be away if this is to take place.

    All I would add is to keep them fun rather than a punishment, for both parties and then that way you will be more likely to do them again .Of course if you want to discipline your maid or butler then who am I to argue......................

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