1. Painful male climax

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    Just a thought guys
    When the OH gives me a hand job or BJ
    At the point I climax the head of my penis is
    So sensitive its boardering on painful so much so I have to stop what she's doing.
    Question, is this normal and would it be safe to
    Let her carry on,
    May be its the ultimate O
    What do you think?

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    If you experience any pain i'd recommend seeing your GP just to be on the safe side.

    Chances are it's nothing, but always better to be safe then sorry.

    The glans will always become hyper sensitive close to climax, and even more so afterwards, but i'm certain it should never be 'painful'. Has it always been like this? Is it the same when you masturbate/play solo?

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    Yes this happens to me, once I have cum I have to tell her to stop because I am over sensitive this ruins the moment for both of us it's not pain just sensitive but then I was a teen this was not a problem

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    My hubby gets this when im giving him head or a hand job, its like a certain part i touch and its almost too sensative for me to continue but i carry on and he has "the most intense orgasms".

    I cant really say if he finds it painful though but if sex is becoming painful id see your Gp like David suggested x

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    Although I do not know exactly what pain you are describing, for the most part, it sounds completely normal and both men and women suffer with this...phenomena? ....Where, after orgasm, they are too sensitive to be touched and it almost feels painful. This is normal and happens to most people to some degree or another. In this time, it is too senstive to continue touching. (Often referred to as a 'refractory period')

    In fact, this sensation you describe is safe to push through, but not comfortable, and so it is often used in BDSM and is referred to as "Post orgasm torture" or (POT) where a female Dominant will continue to touch, even increasing pressure etc to have her sub squirming around screaming, same applies with women and being forced to keep vibration against their clitoris after orgasm.

    Post orgasm torture is a kink, and you can find videos of it on porn sites etc.

    If it makes you feel any better, my partner also gets very sensitive at the point of orgasm and continuing to touch him after produces some strange noises and him jumping about the bed, but I have often continued (We have a little BDSM between us) and it has never done him any harm, although you would think so at the time lol.

    If you are worried it is not this, then maybe see a doctor just to make sure there is no issues. x

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    Sounds like your spot on Fluffbags
    Next time I'am lucky enough to get head or a
    Hand job I' ll try and go through it
    Thanks for such a comprehensive post
    Thanks also everyone else for there input

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