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  1. Deciding to stop taking the pill

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    dotdashdot wrote:

    as you're feeling broody anyway, you might have a bit of an irrational slip, not be as careful as you should and fall pregnant at a time that's not great for either of you.

    Thanks for the imput.

    I would like to make it clear that I would never have unprotected sex with my partner or be purposefully uncareful in any way. I would not want to be deceptive or unfair to my partner, because his 100% trust is a priority for me.

    I haven't had a chance to speak to him yet because he works at the weekends, but I will sit him down and explain to him that hormonal contraception isn't working for me anymore. I will finish my pack of pills and then use condoms before making a decsion together.

    I've done some research into the diaphram and the coil. I don't think the diaphram is something I would feel comfortable with, because I would worry whether I had inserted it correctly. The copper coil looks like a good option though, so I'd like to discuss it with my partner.

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    LilMissFrustrated wrote:

    Due to my medical stuff I've always had to use condoms. I've used them for forever and only once had a problem. I guess like everything you use what suits you best.

    Blackcherry wrote:

    I disagree on them not being reliable enough, 9 years never once have i had any "accidents" broody or not.

    Thanks for the reasurance about using condoms.

    I have just filed registration documents with my local doctors, so I will have to wait a few weeks for an appointment anyway, so once I finish my pack of pills I'll only being relying on condoms for a while.
    If my partner feels comfortable with just using condoms then I may give other forms of contraception a miss for a while x

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