1. Bj techniques

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    I have to agree that when you ask a guy the most sensitive part is the tip
    Now I can comfortably deep throat my guy without gagging and he's actually asked me to gag on it so I've had to pretend. deep throat is completely visual which does have its advantages for some guys
    but no two are ever the same kinky fuckery is so right listen to your man and don't be ashamed to ask what he wants because learning it his way is better than doing something fancy and him not enjoying it.

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    I love giving head (my man a BJ)

    Well I have loved sucking on a nice hard clean cock ever since I got my lips wrapped around having a cock in my mouth

    I even loved it when I made him cum and let him off load his cum in my mouth (just like every good girl should) my first taste of cum I tried to swallow all of it but could only manage some of it but now I hate to waist a drop unless sharring

    I haven't found a guy yet and hopefully wont that doesn't love watching me sucking up and down on his cock till he off loads his cum down my throat

    But any way you would like to know how to make it more pleasurable for you and him

    Well you say you only do it when you are drunk ?

    Do you like doing it and have you let him cum in your mouth yet ?

    I would start by maybe get him all showered and when you feel comfy and finding your self wanting to give him a blow job

    I would go over to him when he is comfy and sitting down give him a kiss then slowly start by moving down and undoing what he is wearing and not letting him take control by using his hands

    Then I like to when I have my man's pants down and his cock out to start playing/rubbing his cock with my hands to get him hard and wanting more

    I always try and keep eye contact as I get my lips around the head of his cock teasing him at first before sucking up and down on the head of his peniis with 1 of my hands on his shaft

    I cant deep throat as I gag so I pay all my attention to sucking on the head as lets be honest is the only part of the penis that will get to make him cum

    As I have siad I love to make him cum and I love the taste of his cum in my mouth and love to swallow but I know lots that dont so thats up to you on that part but I know that they so love it if you can
    I hope I have helped you out and if you need any more kind advise please feel free to contact me any time

    All the best X

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