1. Epic Experience from LH

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    LH are brilliant - if someone mentions shopping to me, i tell them about LH as it's the only shopping I enjoy as I know if something isn't right they'll fix it so quickly.

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    LH are so fab I've actually recommended them to 3 friends. So far 2 have brought from the site & the 3rd is going to (as soon as she gets enough courage to buy her first toy!)

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    KebertXela wrote:

    Kinkydink wrote:

    The downside is that I will be disappointed now every time I have to use other companies laughingly bad version of 'customer care' ;-D

    I solved that problem by closing my other accounts.....

    Its really not worth the effort to save a pound here and there


    I once didnt get the correct stuff the second time around, and they wanted it back, wouldnt post a replacement till I scanned the Proof of Posting to them.


    That wasnt LH

    Oh I didn't mean other sextoy sites. I only use LH and have for ages. I meant other companies like internet providers, mobile phones etc where you are left on hold for ages before you even get to speak to someone...and where you end the conversation feeling disappointed lol.

    In fact its got so bad that I end up not buying things just because LH don't sell them (for example dragon dildo that I was considering, decided against it and instead spent the money on LH items lol)

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    I love LH! Always comes when they say it will, they're not massively overpriced like other sites and I do like to look

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    Thankfully, I have yet to have a problem with any orders placed with LH but I have yet to hear of any really bad experiences with LH customer service, so I will continue to place orders as and when I can.

    That reminds me, I still have a £100 gift voucher to spend ;)

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