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  1. Male Kegel Exercises

    Alastor [sign in to see picture]
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    So folks... I am doing my regular repeats trying to build up this small muscle group. I have encountered a few things that I would like to check are normal and no indication of not targetting the correct areas.

    1 Sensations often differ from contraction to contraction, maybe particularly early in a repeat group and settling down a bit thereafter.

    2 Some difficulty isolating these muscles and ensuring I am not including stomach, buttocks, thighs etc. Tried the 'exhausting all the others first' fix but not sure how totally effective it has been.

    3 The repeats create definite feelings in the rectal area. Just now the developed need to visit the toilet to void the bowels was rather strong.

    naughty stacey [sign in to see picture]
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    I (the hubby) have experimented with these in the past. Perhaps I misunderstand the idea of kegel exercises, I thought that the control was effectively the same as when you stop a pee mid flow. This is isolation enough, I think. I can't imagine you activate your abdominals for that kind of task, and certainly not the thighs.

    My experiences have ranged from simple muscle tiredness to downright pleasurable. I made it so close to orgasm using this exercise alone one that it only took a couple of strokes to finish the job. I had to resort to strokes because them muscles do get tired. Fast.

    The routine I used on the pleasurable occaisions followed this pattern: short, short, short, sustained for three seconds, repeat.

    Experimenting now and thinking about the rectal association... that might also explain why you are having trouble isolating muscles. Kegel exercises are not anus related, for men they are more like cock push ups.

    Alastor [sign in to see picture]
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    I tested the results for stopping urine capacity to check which muscles seemed relevant. Then continued to try to reproduce them. It just seemed to spread backwards a bit too.

    Thanks for the reply btw.

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