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  1. Would like advice form you more experienced lovely people

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    Naughty Miss K wrote:

    Fetlife? I've heard of it, but not too sure on what it is, I don't really do online stuff other than email, fb and LH!

    basically kinky facebook.

    theres more to it than that, but its great for exploring fetish and kinks :) and the whole D/s thing <3 people post up lots of photos and writtings that are good for getting ideas :)

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    Think I'd have to float the idea with the OH first, I like him to be involved wouldn't want to get involved in stuff like that without him knowing :)

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    lincsguys'littlemiss wrote:

    Yes, that was my idea about going for a shower - just leavig tied to the bed, waiting.

    when i first tied up by my then BF he left me for a while. it really upset me at the time. i perhaps wouldn't do this for the first couple times when you've tied him up. afterall it is supposed to make them feel helpless, but it in a secure way. it might be too much the first time to leave them alone for long periods of time. just a thought.

    have fun i wish my OH would tie me up.

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    General rule of any bondage is to never leave someone who is tied down alone. This is for safety since there could be panic attack, tied too hard which means it restricts bloodflow and when that happens you need to be there to release immidietly. Keep safety scissors at hand so it can be done fast. Sure bondage tape is no rope but in the wrong position it could possibly get too tight. You can however make someone think they are alone if it rocks your boat.

    Previous post you mentioned you are usually the one being domnated? I assume this is a very light version of it since if he was a real dominant he would not like to be tied down. But not easy for me to know wether he will like it or not. Blindfold and music is kind of fifty shades bullshit to me but why not.

    For newbie anal I don't think it's best to be tied down helpless the first time. Save that for when you are used to it. A bad first go could ruin it for a long time. And it can possibly be hard to relax fully when being tied down.

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    Thanks all for the great ideas.

    We had an amazing night and morning.

    I kept txting him from work telling him how horny I was n what I wanted to him to do to me. When he turned up at mine I opened the door in full makeup, 5" white heels and sexy white undies n stockings. His face lit up as his jaw dropped.

    I then told him exactly what I wanted and would not allow him to kiss me until he left an hr ago.

    Had him on the edge of orgasm for 75mins- he was begginge for it and I was just not gonna let that happen.

    Bondage tape, blindfold, vibes all came into play this morning.

    A 'tame' start, but a start none the less. I'm gonna enjoy this.

    Saving the anal play for another day, don't want to be rushed , want us both to take plenty of tome to enjoy it.

    WeeSteve- gonna go check out that site, a girl needs to learn her craft from somewhere!

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