1. Sex ruining relationship.

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    Honey, this is awful. Sex should not hurt. I am a little hesitant to recommend breaking up with so little information, but it seems to me that you risk long term trauma.

    My bet would be that, unless there is something physically wrong (and I would definitely see a gynecologist, if you haven't done so already), you could learn to like interocourse in a wide variety of positions, but it would require a very different approach from the one your boyfriend is taking, a very gradual and gentle one. There are a lot of kind, considerate men out there, no sense in waisting time with one who isn't.

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    OMG i'm so sad for you. a relationship shouldn't be like this. sex is used by people to abuse and control as well as pleasure. i'm afraid your man falls into the first category of abuse and control. please think about leaving as this will only get worse and more and more controlling in all aspects.

    be strong. hugs

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    you should never feel the need to do anything you dont want to, sexualy or otherwise, it sounds like you need to rethink your relationship, sounds harsh but is he the right guy for you???

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