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  1. Husbands fantasy

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    Happy you come to a decision, in my opinion, you've made the right choice. Best of luck for the future :)

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    Thank you all so much for ur replies

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    I think you have made the best choice for you both. some fantasy's should stay in the head. Unless it was something that you both wanted, I would say the road to disaster could have been ahead.


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    I agree I think you've did the right thing.
    I think if you would of did it, it would of all went wrong!

    Best of luck for your future! :)

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    My hubby is a cuck too. I'm thinking about doing what he wants. Tbh the thought of him watching me with another man or woman really turns me on.
    Another thing to try (if your oh likes it) is watching porn whilst he's doing u, and telling him that the girl in the film is so lucky, she looks like she's having so much fun, his cock is so much bigger bla bla bla lol x


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    Hi, your mutch younger than I, though looking at your photo, you look hot. Your Husbands Fantasy is also my own biggest fantasy. The difference between us is that I am single for a long time after being divorced for many years. Being single & living alone now, I often watch various adult videos that have shown me a side of sex I knew nothing about. Now I have many fantasies, though watching my partner with another guy { when I find somebody that is } Is top of my fantasy list to have a partner I can act this fantasy together with without offending her in any way. So my own answer to this request, Is to find a partner that would enjoy to explore all these sex fantasies together & be able to enjoy them without feeling used or abused or dissapointed by my requests. I am sure your Husband dosent want to hurt or upset you or even use it as an excuse to try another woman. I have watched many role play videos now. Wife with another guy, wife phoning me w hilst out with another guy, Out together in an adult cinema and knowing she is getting groped in the dark. etc etc that list is endless also & turns myself on mutch more than seeing someone just getting laid. I guess it takes two to tango though & I am sure if you grant hubby his big wish, after a couple of times acting out his fantasy, you will start enjoying too. if you feel I might be able to help you in any way, please just drop me a line & I will answer any questions you may have " honestly " kokup4u66

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